Make the best of your day…

Make the best of your day…10170940_10152078209941446_7969081257459497324_n
Be better than yesterday.

Even if that means be kinder to someone, forgiving yourself for not being perfect, loving a little more or even just pausing to reflect on how your past experiences have brought you to where you are at this very moment… and that’s a beautiful thing.

Life is too short to spend it saying “I should have” or “what if”. At the end of the day, the reality is, that you design your own lifestyle and make your own choices.

7 years ago my sister and I made a choice that has forever changed the mission and path of my life…Venus. I wake up every damn day excited that I can share my cumulative knowledge based on
my mistakes, triumphs and real world experiences to make life better for other goddesses. Had I let fear control my thoughts and be a I would not have the ability to help so many others.

Is it time for you to LEVEL UP your life and do something that scares you? Stick up for yourself, forgive someone, pay it forward, do that “thing” you keep saying you are going to do, spend more time with your kids, quit blaming others for things and take responsibility for YOUR life and make it a memorable one.

Be you, be true, be AMAZING…because there is only one YOU for a reason. Now go make shit happen.

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