3 reasons you shouldn’t rely on the scale

Ahhh the scale.

The hunk of metal that so often determines our mood for the day once we step foot on it. Crazy how an inanimate object can hold so much power isn’t it?

If you are one of the few women left on this planet that is unscathed by this process, high five. I want to meet you!  I also want to congratulate you because that is one mindset fuck that’s hard to break.

Over the past decade of working in the health and wellness field, I’ve probably heard more women stress out about this than anything when it comes to their bodies. 

In this video I give you a cheeky, yet insightful, way to think about that darned scale.

Here’s what I want you to consider (only a fraction of the things that affect the scale number BTW).

The scale doesn’t know…

How awesome your ass looks

So you’ve been working out and cleaning up your eating. Scale doesn’t say so? How do you look and feel? Strong, tight and leaner? Let’s go with that! The mirror doesn’t lie! Use your clothing as a measure of success and take progress photos/measurements.

That mother nature is fucking with you

Pre-menstrual, menstrual or ovulating? Well, that’s most of the month right there eh? Hormones play a major role in how much water you retain. Think about it. You are bloated, your breasts are swollen and your body is going through a cyclical process. Give yourself a break and stay AWAY from the scale anywhere near these times.

You are trying to be superwoman and live on little sleep

Sleep is so important for recovery and repair. Most people think that their muscles grow and their abs shrink while they are in the gym. This is the furthest thing from the truth. This happens when you sleep. If you are getting less than 6 hours per night of good quality sleep (quality is important here) then hormones are going to come into play here as a defense mechanism. Your body will send of stress responses and cortisol levels will shoot up. In turn, causing you to retain water…which will make the scale weight go up!

WARNING- there is a moderate amount of adult language in the video below 🙂

Bottom line is that I want you to get OFF the scale and stay focused on a goal that isn’t weight related.

I know that we are often focused on losing weight as a goal and measure for success. More often than not, this is discouraging and will oftentimes result in most people quitting.

Losing weight is highly motivating when you are trying to whittle away the pounds, I get it. BUT, what happens when the progress stops? Usually it makes you want to stop and give up. I know I’ve seen it time and time again with my Goddesses.

The key is to find a form of exercise and eating style that you can do FOREVER. If you don’t like it, you won’t want to continue once the scale pisses you off right?

That’s why our Goddesses love our workouts. They are forever changing, fun, engaging and never predictable.

Our next program is bound to get you motivated to want to get in better shape. We’ve been working on this program for a while now and excited to finally open it up for registration. 

I LOVE doing shit that scares me, and for years doing new things was always scary. I finally conquered many fears by just committing to getting started. 

Anyhow, I’ve opened up a new 6 week Challenge #FierceAF that starts on Monday, November 13th!

This challenge will show you how to strengthen your body and give you the confidence to show you that you are a beautiful badass, right here right now. Not when the scale says so.

What a great way to set goals that are NOT related to what the scale says. Right??

The program starts this Monday, November 13th and ends on December 23rd. Make sure to head on over HERE to read more info and get registered to start with us on Monday!


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