31 Tasty, Delicious & Guilt-Free Desserts

I believe that cooking and eating healthy should be easy and delicious, even when it comes to dessert.

This collection of 31 Delicious, Tasty and Guilt-Free Dessert Recipes is unique in the non-traditional ingredients it calls for. You may even run into a few ingredients that you never heard of. These ingredient substitutions are the key to transforming dessert from simply empty calories into something nutritious and beneficial.

Most desserts are filled with refined sugar, dairy products and gluten-filled grains. Those are the ingredients that we need to avoid, in order to be fit and healthy. The great news is that the nutritious ingredient substitutions used in these recipes are not only good for you, they taste delicious and help maintain your fitness results.

Here are some of the ingredient substitutions you’ll find in this cookbook:

  • Refine Sugar and Corn Syrup: No, you won’t find any refined sugar or corn syrup in these healthy recipes. Instead you’ll use raw honey, pure maple syrup, agave nectar, coconut crystals or Stevia. These natural sweeteners are lower in carbs and, unlike refined sugar, contain nutrients and minerals in addition to sweetness and they won’t spike you fat storage hormones like sugar would.
  • Wheat Flour: Flour made from wheat contains gluten, which is something that we could all benefit from avoiding. It is also higher in simple carbs compared to almond flour and coconut flour, which are used in these recipes. This means that your body isn’t going to go into fat storage mode like it would with wheat flour.
  • Butter and Vegetable Oil: Put down the butter and toss that jug of vegetable oil. Coconut oil takes center stage in this collection of dessert recipes. Coconut oil has been proven to be a healthy and delicious fat to use when baking.
  • Milk and Cream: Instead of dairy these recipes focus on using coconut milk and coconut cream. Many people have sensitivities to dairy products, as they cause inflammation and bloating, so it’s always a good idea to use dairy as sparingly as possible.
  • Chocolate: Don’t worry, there is chocolate in this cookbook! But instead of milk chocolate, which is higher in sugar and contains dairy, we focus in on dark chocolate that contains 73% or higher cocoa content. Also, unsweetened cocoa powder is used with the wholesome sweeteners listed above.

While these dessert recipes are filled with usable nutrients are lower in carbs and sugar than traditional recipes, they still are desserts. So feel free to indulge now and then, but in order to maintain your fitness results it’s important to use portion control.

The bulk of your diet should be made of lean meats, eggs, nuts, seeds and a plethora of fresh vegetables and fruits. Remember that when it comes to seeing amazing results in the gym it’s important to get enough protein, fiber and lots of water.

And the occasional healthy dessert 🙂

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