36 Rounds of Bad Ass- Metabolic Circuit

Do you plan your workouts? If you don’t, it’s all good, I never used to either.

I would walk into the gym, get all nervous and then head straight to the treadmill. That’s totally normal if that’s you, by the way.

Unless you take the time to figure it all out, you are destined to be lost. But I won’t let you be lost, cause that’s not sexy!

I’m telling you girls, to feel empowered you must do things that empower you. And, knowing what the hell you are doing when you are entering a gym, is pretty damn empowering. So lemme help you out. 

This was my workout from July 10th. I wrote it out for you below. Check it out.

my workout notebook

my workout notebook

*DB stands for Dumbbell.  Here’s what you’ll need. 2014-07-10 07.36.12

  • A sturdy surface to do box jumps on and lie on for the chest flye. I created a surface with a buildable step from my gym
  • Dumbells and/or kettlebell (I used 10 pound dumbbells) 
  • Mat is optional (makes a good sweat catcher 🙂
  • Gymboss Interval Timer or use an app on your phone (pic below)

And yes, that above pic is post workout and those are sweat drops on the mat. 

Do you sweat when you workout? I typically don’t, even when I lift heavy weights or do any sort of cardio. But these metabolic circuits start the waterworks every time.

Your gym boss timer set-up

Your gym boss timer set-up

Some tips:

  • If you’ve never done box jumps start with a shorter height! No need to go full out your first time. It can be intimidating so work your way up to a higher “box”.
  • If you can only do half the rounds at first that’s ok! Try it again in a few days and see if you can add another round.

Don’t forget to take a shameless selfie after you’ve completed this bad ass circuit. Share it over on Instagram and tag me @livingthegoddesslife Here’s my shameless selfie! Looking pretty destroyed if you ask me.

All done, but still smiling! Barely!!

All done, but still smiling! Barely!!

Did you try out this workout? If so, let me know how you did in the comments below! Want more workouts like these that you can do at home or take to the gym?

Check out my workout program, Goddess Body At-Home HERE.





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