4 Steps To Increase Energy

At the orientation for our #FierceAF 6 week Transformation Program I asked the ladies “What is the number one excuse for not exercising?” The room was filled with a simultaneous replies of “TOO TIRED”.

In a world where we feel pulled in several directions and many things vying for our attention, it’s no surprise we are energy deprived.

Rather than overwhelm you with 1,000 things that you need to do to gain more energy, I thought I’d start small and we can talk about more strategies in the future.

In this video I give you your 4 step optimized energy boost. How to feel more energized daily!



In this video I discussed:


Drink dat H2O!

Starting your day with an internal bath first thing in the morning. Drink a tall glass (12-16 ounces) of plain water. Often dehydration of your cells leads to lack of energy! This simple daily trick will help you start your day off right. Bonus tip-add fresh squeezed lemon for an internal cleanse that will balance your ph levels.


Green stuff is made with energy (the sun) so makes sense that it gives us some!

Increasing your micronutrients- Leafy greens (spinach, kale, chard) or dark green veggies are the natural way to get it done. Also “eating the rainbow” getting in lots of phytonutrients and micronutrients.

Because most of our veggies have decreased their powerful boost of energy through time it takes to get from food to table and the cooking process, supplementing with a GOOD QUALITY vitamin source may be something to consider.

I’m LOVING all the goodies from Onnit. But particularly the best and easiest way to get in some great quality earth grown nutrients is their Total Primate Care (packaged in awesome AM and PM packs).

Yes, a little pricey but worth spending more money on then a designer handbag, I promise 🙂

You can check them out HERE. 

Use promo code GETONNIT and save 10%! You’ll love their stuff. I’m currently using: Total Primate Care, Stonebone, Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport, Hemp Force Protein (Vanilla Acai is so yum), Total Gut Health. I’ve been feeling pretty amazing lately!


Good ol’ exercise!

Exercise is a key component to increasing energy! I know right??? How can you exercise when you have no energy? The cycle has to be broken by starting small and creating some momentum in your routine. Can you try scheduling 20 minutes 2 times per week to do something as simple as walking or doing one of my YouTube videos at home?

You can check out my channel HERE

Don’t underestimate the power of a good walk. If this is all you can start with, lace up those shoes and go. Your body AND your mind will thank you.


Get GOOD quality zzz’s

SLEEP!!! I can go on about this topic for a looooong time. So very important in restoring your body and mind after a long day. Not only sleep, but good quality sleep. I talk about a “bedtime routine” and the importance of setting your room up for you to recover (sleep).

You can do the following tonight:

  • 30 minutes of no electronic devices or TV before bedtime
  • Set room temp to 68-70 degrees
  • Block out all light
  • No TV or music 
  • No pets in bed
  • Read a good book to settle your mind for 10-20 mins
  • Give yourself either 7-9 hours to sleep to fall in line with our natural REM patterns
  • Turn off phone (put it on “do not disturb” mode) & hide the time glow from your alarm clock.

What did you think? Was this video helpful for you? What can you implement immediately?? These are the kinds of topics we work through over the course of 6 weeks in #FierceAF. Our next session will be starting soon! You can get on the waitlist here.



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