6 Week #FierceAF Holiday Challenge

Let’s face it. The holidays are not the easiest time to stay on top of our fitness goals. It’s easy to skip workouts, eat all the treats, and accidentally get very drunk at the office holiday party by 5 PM on a weekday. Hehe

And frankly… that sounds fun as sh*t!

But what if you want to have some delicious holiday snacks without giving up your fitness goals?

What if you could find a way to embrace the holiday season and still stay on top of your hard-earned fitness progress?

Well, you’re in luck, because the 6 week #FierceAF challenge is going to help you keep your act together. 

WHAT IS IT? The 6 week #FierceAF challenge is designed to help you establish/keep healthy routines & maintain them through the holiday season so you feel fierce as f*ck whether you are fully clothed or naked. Your choice!

WHEN IS IT? Starts Monday, November 13th thru December 23rd

The #FierceAF Challenge Includes:


  • WORKOUTS:Designed to kick your ass and burn maximum calories in the most fun way possible.
  • Reduce stress: No thinking required on your part. Just show up either to the studio or in the privacy of your home and do the workout. Sweat, smile, repeat.
  • Simplistic Workouts: Whether you join us in the studio for real time unlimited bootcamp classes OR you participate online through my videos, we will take you through full body, abs and booty workouts. Trust me, they will be challenging. The goal is quick, sweaty and effective!
  • Exercise modifications: From beginners to advanced, to ensure that no one is left behind.
  • Sensual Dance Workouts: Sexy and playful yoga-inspired sensual dance workouts that release tension, while transforming your body and encouraging you to get in touch with your fun, flirty feminine side. In the studio? You’ll take pole classes as well!


  • A series of on-boarding emails outlining the #DitchDeprivation System which will help you make great nutritional choices, minimize holiday weight gain, and still enjoy some delicious f*cking snacks 
  • Meal plans that won’t leave you feeling starved
  • A no stress grocery shopping list (exact brands listed)
  • Recipes for delicious dishes that will make you feel fuller, longer.
  • Easy meal preparation instructions 
  • Waist-whittling snack and treat ideas.
  • BONUS: Little Black Dress Holiday eating guidebook so you don”t lose your sh*t 🙂
  • I’ll provide everything you need via e-mail! You can expect an e-mail on Saturday, November 11th to get you rolling for the big day on Monday 11/13


  • Weekly LIVE coaching calls to make sure you’re nailing the sh*t out of your holiday nutrition but still leaving room for #SanityFoods 
  • A private Facebook group where you can bask in all the usual Diane Flores Q&As, positivity, support, and of course, lots and lots of inappropriate memes 
  • Challenge board tasks- A fun opportunity to win your registration fees back by completing and posting your tasks in the group. 


What times are the in-studio classes?

Bootcamp times (you can mix and match your time slots):
MWF 5:30 & 8:30 AM
MWThF 5:30 PM
MWTh 7:30 PM
Tues 6:45pm
Sat 8:30 AM

Pole class times: All classes are after 5:30pm Mon-Fri and also Sat/Sun AM class times avail.


Is this an online challenge or do you have to attend the studio to participate?

You choose! Are you local to the Modesto area? Perfect. Select the studio version. Out of the area? Then the online version is for you. I even have local girls participating in the online challenge because they are new moms and need an at-home convenient option.


Will the online program be as effective as the studio program?

Hell yes!! Well, of course you have to implement the strategies. My online program has shown to have amazing results with my Goddesses. It’s super easy and everything is broken down for you. Our membership site is top notch and very user friendly.

You literally just follow the directions and, with time, the fat starts melting off. It’s all about creating a healthy lifestyle that is like second nature once you establish the new eating habits.


Will I have to eat special expensive foods or buy fancy supplements?

It is a simple and straightforward program that offers flexibility, yet yields serious results. You will eat real whole foods and you won’t be spending hours in the kitchen daily. We have amazing quick recipes for moms on the go, like myself.

There are no specialty-boxed diet foods that cost a lot of money. Almost every item can be found at your local supermarket. I offer you a complete list of brands that I use, but you are free to find comparable products that work for your budget. Many of my clients have actually noticed that they have saved a considerable amount of money by reducing their take-out frequency, processed foods, boxed foods and JUNK. Not to mention now they are eating proper portions of food.

Once you are taught how to implement these new habits with our flexible meal plan samples and done for you grocery list, you are much more likely to have continued success long after you complete the program.


How long are the workouts and what equipment will I need?

Studio classes: The studio bootcamp workouts are 45 minutes. Pole Classes are an hour. You can double up on classes if you desire!

Online workouts: If you are participating from home you can move much quicker since you are solo and can knock out these same style workouts in less than 30 minutes. All the workouts can be done body weighted or you can use a set of dumbbells. If you are an intermediate/advanced exerciser I usually recommend a lighter pair (5-8 pounds) and a heavier pair (10-20 pounds). A sturdy kitchen chair and a stability ball are also great additions but not required. No pole is required at home for the online program either. All sensual dance workouts are done with no equipment. Just your sexy lil’ self!


How is the online program delivered?

This course is delivered via an exclusive membership portal. When you Workout image for GBUpurchase this challenge, you’ll receive an e-mail with direct access to everything starting on November 11th. You’ll be ready to dive in and get yourself prepared to start Monday, November 13th.

Upon purchase, make sure you add diane@venuspolefitness.com to your safe email list (please check your Junk email folder if you don’t receive it).


What makes this a “challenge”?

Several factors…you will earn points based on participation. Posting photos to the private group daily will keep you accountable and earn your points! Number of workouts, daily check ins and total points earned from our super actionable challenge board will give you the opportunity to stay motivated, focused and win your fees back.

Find the Balance

Holidays can and SHOULD be a time of living your life, spending time with loved ones, and generally being appreciative of being alive.

But that does NOT mean we need to throw away all your hard work on your fitness goals!With #FierceAF, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

We’ll train hard and play hard.

We’ll show you how to eat well most of the time but not deprive yourself.We’ll keep you accountable to your fitness goals, commiserate about your crazy-ass family, and share stories about all of your holiday debauchery.

Finally…This holiday season…GLORY AWAITS!

WHEN IS IT? Starts Monday, November 13th thru December 23rd

What is the cost? 

Studio challenge: 2 payments of $149. Enroll HERE

Online challenge: 1 payment of $149. Enroll HERE 


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