8 steps to avoid fat gain around the holidays

I’m here today to give you a little insider info on how to not feel bad about eating on Turkey day. 
Want to Enjoy Thanksgiving and STILL get leaner to slide into that Little Black Dress??!!

Watch the video below or scroll down to read the tips I have for you!

Yes it’s true, you can still enjoy your Thanksgiving day feats and eat your favorite foods! I’m about to teach you HOW. So follow these steps below and you WILL be a success.

We all know that our favorite foods generally involve CARBS, Sweets and Salty forms so I’m about to list HOW to prepare your body for this event.

Step #1 Prep. How do we prep? Simple, for the next 24 hours prior to your feast (Wed/Th am) you are to go on a Ketogenic/low carbs style diet. That means you’re getting ALL your calories from Protein/Green veggies and minimal healthy fats.

Your goal is to deplete your body of Glycogen (stored carbs in muscles/liver) by going lower carb for the next 24 hours. You’re still going to be eating ENOUGH calories you’re just going to be getting them from protein, veggies and fats. So if you are following my clean eating meal plan EAT all of the foods EXCEPT your complex carb sources (rice cakes, oats, rice, sweet potatoes, bread, wraps/tortillas, etc.) so you are still in a caloric deficit… just eat Protein/Fats/Veggies for your calories.

This is one of the most effective ways of blasting fat. The next 24 hours you’re going LOW carbs, moderate protein, high veggies, low fat. Make sure you get at least 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight. 

Now the reason we are doing this is because it’s going to deplete your muscles and maybe your liver of glycogen. This means when you eat these tasty carbs on turkey day, your body is going to be primed to store them in your muscles and liver, and less likely they will spill over into fat. But, if you don’t prep before hand and eat all these carbs, you WILL spill over into fat because more than likely your muscles and liver are already FULL. So, by depleting your body of them you will be ready to absorb. But don’t go crazy! You ladies do NOT have as much muscle as guys and have limited storage ability and your metabolism is not as high as a mans is.

Step #2 Workout. Get all your workouts in this week. This is also going to deplete and burn off those stored carbs to help prime your body for your turkey day feast. And you also need to be burning as much as possible to put your body in a deficit so you can burn fat! So WORKOUT! Don’t make excuses JUST DO IT! We are open Thanksgiving morning for a FREE bootcamp workout so come sweat with us or visit my workouts tab above for an at-home workout that is just as effective!

Step #3 PROTEIN first. Ok on the big day, before you have any of the tasty foods, your goal is to fill your plate up with PROTEIN first. Why? A few reasons, one it’s going to fill you up and keep you fuller longer so you’re not grazing all day and end up over eating. Two, it’s going to help keep your blood sugar from SPIKING which will lead to putting your body in a fat storing mode and craving carbs/sugar ALL day. So be disciplined and eat PROTEIN first. That means turkey, ham, prime rib, eggs etc. NO BREADED fried forms, because the flour will trigger high blood sugar.

Step #4 Stay Away from or greatly minimize wheat/flour. This is HIGHLY recommended. Eating anything with flour/wheat is going to lead to DAYS of bloating, gas, lethargy, fatigue, cravings, digestive issues and muscle aches and pain. So NOT worth the couple minutes of enjoyment it delivers.

If you’re COOKING try to make your pies and dishes out of OTHER forms of flour like brown rice, almond, coconut etc. There are plenty of gluten free options these days for almost any dish. Just making this tiny change in the ingredients makes a HUMONGOUS difference in the side effects. Bonus tip- if you’re going to eat Pumpkin pie, cut off the crust or just spoon out the pie from the crust. Stay away from BREAD, Pasta and Fried stuff. Wheat/Flour is WORSE than sugar. So it’s in your best interest (if your physique is your priority) to steer clear of this.

Step #5 Moderation. Now when I say moderation I mean moderation. Moderation does not mean eating 3/4 of a pie instead of the whole pie. That is NOT moderation. At the end of the day you still have to be prolific and ALL excess calories are going to be stored as fat. So you have to be SMART about how you enjoy these foods. If you want cookies have 2-3 then STOP. Moderation means strategic MINDFUL eating. You still have to keep your calories in check. You’re an adult, you can make smart decisions.

Step #6. Stop Eating. After you’ve had a few of the things you enjoyed, YOU’RE DONE. Don’t graze all day long until you go to bed or you will be spending the next 2-3 weeks trying to burn of that fat, trust me its not worth being behind 2-3 weeks. So once you’re done, you’re done. Don’t go back for more. Just drink water and enjoy family time. Socialize. Enjoy spending time with the loved ones.

Step #7. Back to Business. Friday its right back to business, right back to eating according to your healthy eating and working out. Being lean/aesthetic is all about being mindful with your nutrition. So do what’s required so you can get the body you want, or keep it if you’re already there and maintaining.

Step #8. Know I love you. << Obviously the most important, hahaha>> JK. Thats why I took the time to teach you the TRICK on how to do this successfully. I truly am thankful for every single one of you that follows me, supports me and takes all this information I share and applies it.

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