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Are you a MILF?  Well…my meaning for the acronym is Mom In Love w/Fitness.  I find that most moms always put themselves last to take care of everyone else first. This often leaves your health and well being on pause.  Not good!!  


When you can fall in love with fitness you will embrace the process as gradual & consistent and not be in a rush for a quick fix.


Meet Terra. She came to Venus after the birth of her son ready to get her pre-baby body back. Let me rephrase that…she was on a mission to look BETTER than she did before she got pregnant.


She was a client of Venus on and off in 2012 and loved the workouts. When she became pregnant she took a break from working out and then felt ready to take action once again after she gave birth.

I remember the day she came back and started back with us. She sat in the chair across from me in my office and said “I feel like I don’t even know who this body belongs to. I feel trapped in my skin and I’m ready to get my sexy back”.

She put the work in, came to class even on days when she was tired or just wanted to give up. She persisted.

I can honestly say she is one of the hardest working, most motivating and friendly goddesses you will meet at the studio and I am so proud of her. In my eyes she is “Living The Goddess Life” beautifully.

If you are tired of being stuck in your rut, and want to get bikini ready, or even start a new fitness regimen, nows your chance.  The summer months are upon us and you don’t want to hide indoors when you can flaunt your new body!

Check out the photos below of Terra.  A HOT mamma who dropped 35 pounds through the classes at our studio.


Hope to have you join our studio and become a MILF success story like Terra!

Loving the MILF in you! 🙂



PS- In honor of the upcoming Mothers Day holiday and our lovely MILF herself, Terra, we have a promotion only for our newsletter subscribers.  Use promo code: MILFLIKETERRA to get $22 off of our most popular membership, the 12 week Goddess Body Elite. Click here to get started and enter that promo code when you check out.

This offer expires on Mother’s Day, May 11th so don’t miss out.


PPS- You dont have to be a momma to take advantage of the deal!

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