Amy Santos

Occupation and age: Cash Accounting/MID. Soon to be 37

Kids? Grandkids? No kids or grandkids but I have 3 adorable nephews that I couldn’t imagine my life without.

Your motto: “Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened” Dr Seuss

How long have you been a Goddess at Venus Pole Fitness? I took my first pole and lap dance classes in Turlock in 2007 (I think) and have been a full time Goddess Boot Camper for the last 15 months.

Have you undergone a transformation (physically, emotionally or both!)? MOST DEFINITELY BOTH!!! I committed to boot camp because I was in search of a physical transformation and before I knew it I was embracing my shape and curves and feeling more comfortable in my own skin than ever before. Physically I am doing things I never imagined I would be doing and feeling so much stronger as I do it. I, AMY SANTOS, can now do a push-up, a few even (and we aren’t talking about those on your knee easy ones either) and I finished a 10k with my sister this year and felt like I could have kept going for days. As happy as I am with the tightening and toning that has taken place from head to toe, I have to say the emotional changes I have undergone in this last year trumps all those other achievements. I can actually say for the first time in a long time I feel good to be me. I love who I see in the mirror and I know in my heart it has nothing to do with the physical shape, it is because Venus (Diane) has taught me that sexy comes in all shapes and sizes and it comes from within. I have learned to let the real me shine through and that has put me on the path to becoming the most confident person I know.

Did you have any previous dance or fitness training before starting pole? No dance, I have two left feet that don’t know how to dance or move to the beat. Although I had done weight/circuit training at a gym prior to this I have never been in classes that push me or challenge me the way the Venus classes do.

What made you decide to take classes? I had stopped going to the gym and saw my shape changing when some of the girls at work talked me in to buying a Groupon for 4 weeks of boot camp. I was reluctant to sign up as I had taken a pole class in the past and wasn’t sure what to expect from a dance studio as I was wanting to get a “work out” and tone up not dance around (little did I know). That Groupon and the push from my friends at work really changed my life. After 4 weeks I was hooked and haven’t stopped since.

Favorite class and why? Outside of my all-time favorite boot camp classes I also really like Pole Flex. That class makes me feel strong on the pole and during ab workouts yet sexy in the floor work and the booty shorts (yes I finally wear them).

What is it that you LOVE about Venus? WOW, um … what don’t I love? The classes are amazing. No two boot camp classes are the same. I have yet to leave there and not feel like I just had a kick butt workout. The pole classes are challenging yet taught in a way that even someone like me with two left feet can follow along and learn. The instructors and ambassadors are fabulous. Each and every one of them brings something completely different to the studio. They are always approachable and ready to answer any questions I can throw at them. But if I had to pick ONE thing and one alone that makes me love Venus it is the women that walk in that door everyday with me. I have built so very many special friendships here. From my first day, first class, I never once felt intimidated by the other members. Even now when I struggle in a class I never feel like anyone is looking down or judging me, in fact they are the ones that help motivate me. Some days it is all I can do to get my butt in the door at 5:30and it is those women with their strength and praise that get me through my workout.

Platforms, barefeet or legwarmers? PLATFORMS for sure!!! They make me look sexy even when I don’t feel it which in turn makes me feel sexy, gotta love how that works. Plus I don’t know that I could do a sexy walk or get up on a pole without them.

What are you currently working on technically? Spins, any ol spin will do. I will master one of them this month, I don’t even care which one it is LOL.

What are you working on artistically? WILL GET THE BODY WAVE LOCKED IN, don’t laugh, something so simple does not come easy to this body, I get rolling and waving but never in the right direction at the right time. Right now it is my favorite work in progress.

Do you have a favorite song to pole dance to? Motivation by Kelly Rowland, it motivates me something about that song gets me moving.

We LOVE music at Venus Pole Fitness. What 3 songs would be featured on the soundtrack to YOUR life?
1. Perfect by Pink
2. Little Miss by Sugarland
3. Who Says by Selena Gomez

Guilty pleasure:
Ice cream, any flavor will do and my new found guilty pleasure … chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bars thanks to Diane.

Final Question:
Any inspirational advice you would like to share with women who are afraid to try pole dancing? Any moment spent in fear is a moment not spent on the pole with some wonderful women; trust me as I am speaking from experience. Not only is it an amazing workout (those women’s arms and shoulders look like they do for areason) but it is also a moment you spend feeling like a woman, a sexy woman, and that is a feeling you don’t get just anywhere. TRY IT!!!!! If I can do it YOU can do it.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hi there! My name is Diane Flores and I’m a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend and, most importantly…a WOMAN who knows exactly how you feel!

I am also a Certified Health Coach through the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition, Certified Pole & Fitness Trainer, previous NPC figure athlete and current NPC Bikini Competitor with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness field. The demands on my life are no less or more important than yours. Which means, if I can live a Fit, Sexy and Confident lifestyle, you can too and my program will show you how.

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