Are you tank top worthy? video inside‏

Are you wearing tank tops yet? Don’t be shy! You should never hold yourself back from wearing clothes that you love.
If you are like most women I meet in my studio, your arms are another area you’d like to tone up. I’m here to help.
The only way you can tone up those tank top arms is to incorporate some resistance training. Losing weight will make them thinner and skinner, but often times not firm and shapely.
We have to create that shape with some sexy goddess sculpting moves!

Hotel Workout- Cable Bicep Curl for tank top worthy arms
Hotel Workout- Cable Bicep Curl
for tank top worthy arms
Now don’t be afraid. Lifting weights is not going to make you bulky or gain weight. It will create those shapely tight arms that you’ll love. 
Ask my Goddesses, these are the types of movements we do in our bootcamp classes to build the amazing bodies that we are known for.
Add this exercise to your workout in between your cardio sessions like I did here in the video. You’ll get a great metabolic boost and feel amazing afterwards.
Sculpting you sexy!
PS- If you like our style and need a little kick in the bootie to get the results you know you deserve, join us for bootcamp session. You can start anytime and we’d love to have you on board. After all, your not getting any where by doing nothing! Click here to sign up.

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