Are your friends supportive?

“Don’t wait for someone to take you under their wing. Find a good wing and climb up underneath it.” ~Frank C. Bucaro
Happy Friday Cutie,


Did you notice I wasn’t in your inbox last Friday? 


I was a little down in the dumps.


My oldest son, Stephen, left for bootcamp. No, not the bootcamp I typically talk about, the real kind. Like, “I’m all grown up now mom and I’m joining the Army” kind.




I knew it was coming. For probably the last 10 years the kid has warned me now that this was his dream. So, I was prepared…but not really.


Dealing with him leaving has brought up a whirlwind of emotions and questions. “Did I do a good job raising him?”, “How am I going to cope with him so far away?”, “What if he gets sent to war eventually?”. Arrrggghhh!


The day before he left I sat in a heap of tears in the living room. I called him over to sit by my side for what was one of the most proud ‘mom moments’ I’ve experienced so far.


“Son, why did you choose this path? Why the Army? I just don’t understand”. I said behind a tear streaked face.


“Mom, I want to be a part of something that’s bigger than me. I know you don’t understand because you’ll miss me, but I want to get out there and make an impact in the world. This is just how I want to do it”.


How could I argue with that?


So, my baby who I haven’t been apart from for more than 2 weeks since his birth 18 ½ years ago, left.

me and my baby boy

I’m so very proud of him. He will do amazing and be a fantastic leader, no doubt. But, what I’m really grateful for during this time has been my support system.


Because my son left on the weekend of our annual Open House, my family decided to spend my last weekend with him doing his favorite thing…fishing at Pinecrest Lake.


I left the Venus Open House shindig in the hands of my little sister who owns the Turlock studio, my awesome-tastic Venus Coaches, Instructors and ambassadors. It went off without a snag and I had a beautiful time with my son. My girls rock!


I’ve had so many students at the studio reach out, tell me their stories, offer any help and lend an ear to hear my worries. I am beyond grateful.


Growing up, I had 1 friend in high school (blog post coming soon on this one!) so it’s very refreshing to know I’ve got such a vibrant community of awesome women who so supportive.


Heck, they were even willing to come out to my “Memorial Day Muhahaha Madness” bootcamp workout. They rallied together to get all decked out in Patriotic Colors in support of my son now being in the Army and serving our country.


Check them out, aren’t they so cute? It was so touching!

Bootcamp cuties 🙂

Find your tribe, support each other and be there to pick up another woman’s spirits. You never know what she may be battling in silence.


This is why I love my VPF community. Thank you ladies for being my rock when I needed it most!


Coach Diane


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Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hi there! My name is Diane Flores and I’m a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend and, most importantly…a WOMAN who knows exactly how you feel!

I am also a Certified Health Coach through the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition, Certified Pole & Fitness Trainer, previous NPC figure athlete and current NPC Bikini Competitor with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness field. The demands on my life are no less or more important than yours. Which means, if I can live a Fit, Sexy and Confident lifestyle, you can too and my program will show you how.

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