Booty Builder Blast (my Friday workout)

Monday eh? How do you feel about that!?

This weekend I was incredibly sore and it was a good kinda sore.

Like “ohhhemmmgeee, what on earth did I do to my bootay” kind of sore.

Well, Friday I decided to torch and scorch my glutes by first working on my heavy lifting (deadlifts and back squats) then I finished with the “Booty Builder Blast” circuit below.

I’m having a great time playing and exploring with different exercises, styles, etc. etc. at my new attempt to help me become a more well rounded athlete.

You see, a few months ago at one of the fitness conferences I attended they have a tradition on the last day. They have a push up contest. The winner scores a sweet prize of BioTrust Swag (protein powder, protein cookies, and supplements).

Well if you know anything about me, I like push-ups about as much as I like a punch in the face.

So, pretty much, not at all.

Of course my fit friends, Shawna, Kate and Sylvia convinced me to participate and I caved to peer pressure. But, I was terrified.

Yeah, sure I “look” fit and had just came off my contest training for my last bikini show, but I rarely do push ups.

I know. Total lameness.

As about 20 of us girls worked our way up to the stage I just wanted to disappear.

But noooo, there I was smack dab in the center next to the queen of the pull up (among other things, Shawna K). Did I mention she was 50 years old? Ugh.

So there I go, looking like a total a$$ cranking out some pathetic excuse of push ups. I stayed focused, but fell to my knees after what felt like forever. My eyeballs were about to burst out of my head from pushing so hard.

I looked up and there will still about 8 girls going at it. Yes, that included the 50 year old Shawna. She didn’t end up taking the win, but she did get 2nd place!

Anyhow, after that weekend I decided that I wanted to take more time to explore different styles of workouts and not pigeonhole myself to just one form of fitness.

This has added a new sense of drive and focus to my lifestyle and I’m very excited as to what I’m finding to be a challenge. I can’t wait to deliver some awesome, weird, wacky and all around fun workouts for you guys.

So, here’s a sneak peek at part of my workout from Friday. This was only half of it! The other half included burpees and running along with my lifting shenanigans.

It was also “Funky Sock Friday” at the studio so, naturally, I am always looking for a reason to sport my fun sockery 🙂

So here’s the “Booty Builder Blast” part of my Friday’s workout if you want to start build up your backside:

1) 10 DB Step Ups (each leg)

2) 20 Steps DB Walking Lunges

3) 15 Sumo Squats with a heavy DB

4) 15 Wall Balls with a heavy Medicine Ball

Rest 60 seconds after you complete all 4 exercises back-to-back. Complete 4 rounds.

Keeping my workouts varied and interesting over the past couple months has me feeling better than ever. Don’t lock your mentality to just one style of workout.

That’s why you’ll see future e-mails discussing my new adventures with running…GASP! I KNOW!!!

Caveat… I am NOT running for fat loss. I’m experimenting with running in my own programs to become a better, well rounded athlete.

You will only get better by pushing yourself to attempt things that are out of your comfort zone. And, well, running definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Remember, push yourself within reason! Safety and form are at utmost importance.




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