Carla Kinsley-Transformation in the thick of tragedy

Carla became a Modesto mini-celebrity after I posted her photos on Facebook. She was noticed by fellow Venus Goddesses and approached in public several times.   

Women were inspired and commended her for her accomplishment.  

What’s not to be inspired by? Carla has lost an amazing 30 pounds since she started.   

But, it’s what’s everyone didn’t know about Carla that they should’ve been praising her strength and courage during that time.  

Shortly after she signed up for her first session, a tragedy occurred that no mother should have to endure.   

I knew Carla would want to share her story when she was ready. She is an inspiration and I know her story will move you. I also hope that it will cause you to take action in your life as well.   

Here’s Carla’s story…  

“Hey ladies,

     I recently asked Diane if I could write “my story” to share with all of you because I enjoy writing, ok, maybe not as much as Diane, but I do love it.  I also wanted to share with you how Venus has not only helped me physically, but even more important, mentally and emotionally.    

     My name is Carla Kinsley and I’m 51 years young :), a mother of four, grandmother to two, an ER nurse and lover of Venus Pole Fitness. Yes, I am one of the 5:30am bootcamp crazies but I love getting up and getting it done bright and early, before I’m actually awake to really know what I’m doing!   

     I joined Venus in December of 2013 and started with the 8 week bootcamp classes which totally kicked my butt.  A week after joining, I experienced the worst day of my life.  My beautiful 25 year old daughter, Krista, took her own life after wrestling with depression.   

Everyone who knew Krista was shocked and saddened because she was such an inspirational, positive person with the biggest heart in the world. She was a marathon runner, loved yoga and working out, playing volleyball, snowboarding; just an all around athlete.    

     I came back to Venus one week after Krista’s death and it was exactly the therapy I needed. Diane knew what happened but I did not share much with others. There were times when I would cry or tear up in class, especially while running or jumping rope but I always felt like Krista was there with me, sitting on my right shoulder, encouraging me. All of the instructors and other women were so positive.  Venus was “my place” where I could run away to and be lifted up by getting my butt kicked and it ALWAYS made me feel better, when it was all done…ok, sometimes even during.   

     At the beginning, I only did the bootcamp/exercise part figuring this would be all I needed. I LOVE food and love to eat so I continued with my “old eating habits”. Well, in April I decided to join the Goddess Body University 12 week session to really shape up because I was working out in bootcamp but not seeing the physical results I wanted.  I started eating clean, continued my 3-4 days a week of bootcamp and WOW!! What a difference with how I looked and felt…imagine that…good eating and exercise, what a concept huh!?!     

I would have my pics taken weekly…yes, in a bikini…UGH!! but what motivation that weekly pic was. I didn’t lose weight every week but I would look at the pics and could tell a difference and that would keep me going. I have lost a total of 30 pounds, a ton of inches and I feel awesome.  The key is to just keep at it, pick yourself back up when you fall, and get back on track.    

     Venus has also helped me check things off my bucket list.  At the GBU (Goddess Body University) kickoff in April we had to write down what goals we wanted to achieve through the program and one of mine was “to complete a 10K and to be training for my first half marathon”.   

Did I mention I’m not a runner? Well, in July I ran the 10K Wharf to Wharf in Santa Cruz and in November I ran the Big Sur Half Marathon on Monterey Bay. What an amazing feeling it is to do something you never thought possible and I have Venus to thank for giving me the confidence, motivation and inspiration I needed.    

     I would sincerely like to thank everyone…Diane, all the awesome instructors (I love you all even though you kick my butt!) and every single woman who goes to Venus because you all make a difference in other women’s lives and that is so powerful.” -Carla Kinsley    

Thank you Carla SO very much for sharing this story with us. It means so much to us that you shared your journey!  

Check out Carla’s body transformation below! Over 30 pounds shed.

carla2 carla3 carla1

Now I know this sounds extreme… but Carla did the right thing coming back to class so soon. She channeled her grief, sadness and emptiness into a positive outlet…taking care of herself…just like her daughter would’ve wanted her to.  

While I don’t think you should have to have a tragedy such as Carla’s occur in your life in order to make change, I do think there’s some massive lessons here for you.  

Whatever you are dealing with in life, you can turn that sadness or negativity into a positive. It truly IS up to you.  

Carve out time to take care of yourself to work towards relieving stress, focusing on positive activities and enjoying the life that you do have to be grateful for.    

What do you need to do to get there? Turn to a plan that has proven success.

Work with ferocious focus.   

Don’t try to do it all alone.  

Remove any and all excuses that aren’t really the truth. Think because your life is too stressful/busy/overwhelming you can’t do it? Bullshit!  

Let nothing stop you.   

Get out from underneath your comfort blanket. In fact, burn your comfort blanket, and throw it over a cliff!  

And for crying out loud, don’t let fear of failure stop you from building your dream body and changing your life now.  

I have the privilege to coach and work with some of the most amazing real women on the planet.    

Working with them gives me the opportunity to see into their lives and I can tell you that they are no different than you.  

They have the same time challenges, life challenges and health challenges that every other woman on the planet faces.  

But the difference is, they set big goals and work like hell to achieve them – even in the face of lifes unpredictable instances.  

I can tell you with 100% certainty that multiple women who have had amazing success with Goddess Body University have had the same fears, frustrations and set backs as you.  

Hell, I have had more set backs and failures than I can count.  

But, each and every one of these women have come back stronger because they’re determined to achieve their big goal and they know that consistency is part of the success process.  

So if you want something bad enough….  






I know you’ve got it in you, just like Carla.

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