How Carmen lost 30+ pounds by making realistic and simple changes

It took a few years to get Carmen to join our program. She was incredibly hesitant and reluctant because she had tried other programs before and felt overwhelmed, lost and intimidated.

When she started with Goddess Body University she was determined to do her very best and never gave up when she had slip ups or bad days. She was diligent about posting her accountability in our private coaching group daily (yes, even when she ate foods that she didn’t feel like posting) and she quickly learned that she was totally normal!!

As soon as she adapted an awareness around her nutrition, it all became much easier to eat for fat loss and she realized where she had to work on mindfulness during stressful times (I call them trigger times).

I knew that Carmen’s story would inspire so many women to finally take charge of their lives and want to also feel the amazing results that she has. I asked her some questions and let’s find out what she had to say about her journey when she became 30 pounds lighter during her session of Goddess Body University!

What’s the biggest shift (food, exercise, or mindset- or all?) that you made from when you started to where you are now that made the biggest impact on your fat loss?

The biggest shift in food I have made is to be aware and mindful of what I am eating and how food makes me feel. I now understand that eating healthy is important when losing weight. Food is not the enemy. Food is vital to our strength.

Left- 30 pounds heavier before GBU

The shift with exercise for me has been making it part of my schedule not just something to do when I’m bored. I learned that exercise is what makes us stronger and leaner. I went from using 5 pound weights to 15 pound weights on most exercises. Exercise makes me feel alive when before I used to dread it (even cry) before going to the gym.

How did you feel about yourself before you started compared to now? 

Before starting GBU I did not feel confident, sexy, or comfortable in my own skin because when I looked in the mirror all I saw was a woman who was hiding in her baggy clothes and eating food that made her “feel” good.

Now I love sharing my journey with with other women so I may spark something they didn’t know they had. I am getting noticed by those around me in such a positive way because I smile now and look forward to continuing living a healthy lifestyle.


What held you back mentally before you finally decide to take care of your self? 

The thing mentally that held me back was thinking I was not worth it or being labeled selfish if I took time to work on myself. I now know that I am worth investing in because I want to feel great and look great not just for others but for ME!

What do you think was the most impactful tools or strategies you learned in GBU that finally made the switch for your success? 

The most impactful tool that I learned was being accountable for what I was eating, my exercises, and gratefulness I had everyday. That helped me be open and vulnerable to others seeing what I was doing to achieve my goals everyday. Once you join a community of women with the same goals, it makes reaching yours so much more achievable.

The most important strategy that I learned was not to think of GBU as a DIET but a lifestyle change. The moment it becomes a diet you set yourself to fail and that is what I have always done in the past. Remembering that nobody is perfect and that we can eat our #sanityfood (a tool that we learn in GBU) once a day has saved me so much.


I hope Carmen’s story has inspired you as much as it has everyone in our community. We are incredibly proud of how confident, vibrant and happy she is.

Thank you Carmen for inspiring ME!!

If you’d like to get on board with the same exact GBU! program that Carmen used to lose 30 pounds and transform her lifestyle we start on Monday, May 15th. The deadline to enroll is Sunday, May 14th at midnight!

I’m ready to help you see your fullest potential. You ready?

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