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Come and try out our Beginners Introductory Pole Dance Workshop!  This class is 75 minutes and everyone is new.  If you have a great time (and why wouldn’t you?) you have the option to sign up for more of our pole dance classes.


Register for an upcoming intro by clicking your desired studio here:  Modesto or Turlock
Read more about our studio and pole fitness below!

Fabulous Feminine Fitness…

So Intriguing Yet Strangely Intimidating

So, word is spreading fast about our pole dancing classes. And, they are just as fun and incredible as we had hoped! Each week a handful of women gather for each class to burn some major calories working out while simultaneously learning to move their body in super-sassy-and-sexy ways.

A little history for those of you new to Venus Pole Fitness. Our classes were created to meet the need for the many people asking for lessons on how to bring out their sensual side with dance, specifically the current novelty fitness craze of pole dancing. We have created a blend incorporating the most feminine pieces from many styles of dance. We are a studio where you will learn how to express your crazy incredible feminine beauty through dance & fitness… while still including dozens of fun pole tricks, of course… ;>
As the classes have been running we have noticed an interesting phenomenon. Many of the women who are so excited about coming to this class have actually been too intimidated to try it! This opened up a window of opportunity for us to share a little more about the nurturing beauty of this type of dance, and to acknowledge the sensitivity we women have around something as close to our heart as our femininity.
First, a quick description of a typical class. The evening classes are my favorite – we all settle into a sitting position on our mats in a softly lit room. Peaceful music plays in the background while we release the tensions of the week through guided sensual stretch and warm-up. After we relax our minds and bodies we start into a unique warm-up routine including many stretches, ab exercises, butt exercises, arm exercises and leg/hip exercises. The amazing thing about the stretches and exercises is that they are simple and relaxing yet those same moves become the very foundation of our dance routines. Sneaky… huh?!? ;>
Once we finish the work-out portion of the class we all head over to take a spin around the pole. Admittedly, it takes a little strength to hang on for the ride. But, the workout we do incorporates exactly what you need to develop the right muscles at the right pace to be able to do it. Plus, we offer very technical instructions… sort of an a+b+c type of thing. We’ve taught ages 16-65 to do this! After everyone gets a chance to try the pole we do a little dancing.  We teach you simple moves strung together in a routine so your body can start getting used to how to move and you don’t have to stress about how to create a dance on your own. And, I know you are wondering… there is never any sort of nudity in class!
The classes really end up being a relaxing, yet invigorating workout and a very fun bonding experience between women. We all cheer each other along and share in the successes each woman has as she becomes more and more comfortable and confident. There is no doubt that is a very vulnerable and somehow taboo-feeling thing for women to put themselves out there to learn to move in feminine ways. But, we make sure to create the best possible environment for you to feel nurtured and safe. There is no judgment, and we all start with no experience!
It never ceases to crack me up that when I mention that I teach dance people tend to respond with “Oh – I don’t do that because I don’t know how.” Hmmm… I suppose maybe I’m being a little to logical here but doesn’t it make sense that one would take the lessons to learn if they don’t know how? Otherwise it’s similar to telling a dentist that you can’t possibly have their teeth cleaned because they are not clean yet. You catching my drift here? We all find it threatening and vulnerable to let someone see us so deeply, yet once we take the brave step and make it through that awkward transitionary stage we only have giant rewards to reap.
I can’t even begin to tell you how much dance has changed my life. I had always been quite confident in business, social settings, etc, etc, yet I didn’t feel quite whole as a woman and was completely lacking in body confidence. I remember people even commenting on my shyness that seemed so out of line with who I was in every other area. Through dance I was able to connect to my own personal beauty and learn to express it through movement. Dance turned out to be the best therapy I’ve ever had!
So, what have you got to lose? Take the risk – set your inhibitions aside and just try it once. I promise you’ll be hooked!! And, I can honestly say I’m sure it will change your life. I would love nothing more than to be a part of helping you along in your path.
Much love,
~ Diane & the Venus Pole Fitness team

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