The dark side of figure, bikini and fitness competitions with Jen Comas

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jen Comas, nutrition coach, a NASM personal trainer and USAW Level One weightlifting coach, and a 200-hour yoga instructor plus total badass Goddess blogger over at 

I got to meet Jen in person for the first time a few months ago which was super cool ’cause I had been Insta-stalking her for a couple years.

We instantly hit it off commiserating about our past figure competing days as well as our love of aerial arts and pole dancing.

Jen is truly a badass and started her own journey into self-discovery and cultivating a #FuckFear mentality with her #EmbraceYes mantra that carried her into amazing challenges such as MotoCross! Yes, this little hottie is a dirt bike rider too!

When we were chatting I immediately knew that I wanted to share her story with you guys here on the blog. She’s overcome the same post competition struggles that myself and so many other women have battled.

She also shared with me her foray into switching her style of training, how she got a handle on her nutrition and mindset post show and what she advises her clients when they start a fat loss journey

I was really jazzed to talk with Jen about this juicy topic as it’s something that I am passionate about sharing with women before they consider competing.

Make sure to watch the video below and also go over to her website and snag her 5 Favorite Strength and Conditioning workouts HERE.

Here are the time stamps on the topics we discussed in the video below so you can skip ahead if you’d like!!



1:24- Why she failed high school gym class

3:40- Competition talk: pros, cons, rebound weight gain, post show blues

12:40- Her foray into lifting like a powerlifter 

15:45- What Jen currently does for exercise and diet (for performance)

18:10- How to shift and break the diet cycle

20:00- Jen’s Pole Dance Journey

21:44- How to avoid the scale

24:20- How to measure progress

33:10- Daily rituals and habits for success

35:00- Find out about her FREEBIE for you!

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