diet rules that were meant to be broken #dietrebel

Today I want to talk to you about why insane diet rules will leave you to continue to fail and why I won’t go strict anymore.

I’ve officially¬†broke out of #DietHell… ūüôā

Someone once said to me “times change, people don’t”. At the time I thought that was a pretty bold, and maybe even a harsh statement.¬†¬†

The more I thought about this, I feel as if there is some validity to it. We get older, more experienced in life but our set habits and behaviors typically stay the same.

Which is why, in relation to dieting, makes sense that we give up or fail. Diets are usually made up of some sort of crazy rules. The rules that want to change everything you usually currently do. 

Every morning I enjoy my coffee with half and half, at some point I’ll have either a square of chocolate or ice cream, maybe a glass of Syrah in the evening – These choices (aka habits) aren’t something I’m willing to give up anytime soon.¬†

So, at this point in my life, any diet that tries to dictate that I can’t enjoy these things is going to be met with a whole lotta resistance and probably failure. #takemychocolateandillhurtyou ūüôā

You first need to understand yourself, your habits and what makes you tick in order for your diet to be successful.

It’s so easy to be influenced by what is going on around you. The latest fad diet or trend. Or whatever the heck Dr. Oz is toting as the latest fat loss miracle this week. But honestly, if you don’t understand yourself and your habits you will continue to fail!

I’ve seen it time and time again with close friends and women who insist on strict diets. Heck, I’ll be the first to admit I did it too. After strict dieting, I gained and lost the same 20 pounds. Every time my body paid for it and every time it was because I was over-restricted.

Let me clarify one thing though. To lose weight you WILL have to change some old un-serving eating habits and possibly erase some completely that are sabotaging you. New habits will be formed with time and practice.

Hey, it’s not going to be easy for most of us, but as long as they are reasonable and simple to implement it’s absolutely possible.

To succeed in this health and fitness lifestyle, you need to get real with yourself and decide who you are and what you like.

You need to know the foods you just aren’t able to do without. You know the ones…the foods that you always restrict when you are dieting because they are ‘bad’. Those are the ones you need to keep around and strategically put into your diet.

When creating my Goddess Body programs, I crafted meal plans that guide you on how to start adding nutrient dense foods (that will lead to fat loss) into your diet. 

Now, I want to teach you that in order to be successful with that consistently, we need to dive a little deeper into the foods you need to include moderately so that you don’t feel deprived or like you are being ‘bad’ or ‘cheating’ on your diet.

Dieting rules try to force you into changing dramatically and usually in a way that you really don’t want to.

The point is that don’t think of weight loss as a means to change who you are. Rather, it is a way of improving yourself in a manner that fits who you are now.

Take an honest look at the changes you know you can live with. But when it comes to changes you can’t see yourself making, then leave them on the table. You’ll make yourself crazy trying to fit a mold that isn’t meant for you.

Avoid setting yourself up for failure with diet rules and Success will come naturally with consistency and patience.  

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This is the exact way that I’ve switched over my eating habits over the years and have maintained a lean lifestyle without deprivation. Other diets will leave you in #diethell begging to get out. Don’t make the mistake of jumping into crazy restrictive diets and insanely long exercise programs. ¬†

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