How I increase my chance of success in anything

“You can’t do it all yourself. Don’t be afraid to rely on others to help you accomplish your goals.”- Oprah Winfrey


Today I am sharing who I think you might want to consider spending more time with and why it’s important. And it’s coming straight from my own personal experience and revelation.

Let’s jump in.

I had the opportunity to start my b-day celebration with a table full of beautiful Goddesses. They all happen to be my pals now as well, so it makes it double special.

As I sat there, I silently took a moment to reflect on each and every woman. Not only how they’ve impacted my life, but the journeys that I’ve seen them move through.  Aside from their physical changes, these women are so confident and carry a captivating presence and power; you can’t not be pulled into their vortex. 

They sit taller, smile greatly, speak positively about life and radiate raw beauty. To put it simply, they are living in their greatness. 

And here is where I am going to sound really selfish and then give you a tip. Watching and witnessing them, elevated me and inspired me to tap a little further into my own potential. It forced me to step outside of the moment for a second and realize what my studio has created.

I was not just transported internally for a moment because of the realization, better yet, I left there transformed. When someone is at the top of their game, especially women, whether it is trying new things, aiming for new goals, setting the bar higher for themselves, teaching, writing or telling jokes, don’t pass up the opportunity to be in the same space to witness it. 

I beg of you. Go. Be in the presence of positive and empowering women. 

Why? Because… The energy of these places is elevated. There is a quickening of inspiration. There is a force field of positivity. These rooms are filled with transparency and grace.  You will feel it and better yet, it WILL all rub off on you. 

You will be bathed in the light that radiates from that person’s skin. And you will feel BETTER. And it’s not because they are better than you, or special, or a guru. Hardly. It is simply because when they are doing what they are simply so gifted at, it’s almost like the sea parts.  They step into an ease that is palpable, while stepping out of all the B.S. mental stuff that often weighs us down day to day. 

This is not to say they won’t be greeted by their own doubts, fears and troubles, oh contraire, they are everyday women like you and I. But for those few moments or hours where they are doing what they are so incredibly gifted at, and pushing past their fears, they are adding life to their years. 

Being surrounded by this splendor on a regular basis provides long-term benefits. It ignites you, gives you something to aspire to, challenges you, and you maybe even emulate it in your own unique way. 

It is in the presence of women like these that you will get your best ideas, let go of what’s holding you back and be filled with overwhelming love and support. So I ask you, when was the last time you were in the presence of other women who inspire you to be your best? Is there a friend, mentor or teacher who you know just HAS IT? Who lifts you up? Who lights you up? 

It could be anyone from Beyonce to Oprah to your local Venus teacher who just has a gift. I say by all means, seek them out. Humble yourself. Get up in there. Become a little bit of a groupie. It’s ok. You will still be cool. Heck we invite you with open arms. 

Your life will be transformed and your heart opened. And that is the coolest sip of Kool-aid any of us could drink. J 

Here’s to all the magnificent sparkling greatness out there, just waiting for us to drink it in. Love drinkin’ the purple Kool-aid,xoxo

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