Fake It Till You Make It

“The degree to which you cherish yourself is the precise degree to which you will be cherished. Have a cherishing thought about yourself, right now. -Mama Gena

“I look fat”

“I’ll never be sexy”

“I’m a failure”

“I hate myself”

Have you ever thought one of these things, or worse, said them out loud to yourself?

With the recent launch of my new online program, Sensual Movement, I’m getting questions about how the mindset shift from negative self talk occurs to exuding buckets of confidence.


I can honestly say that there have been times when those phrases above were just a handful of the terrible things I would think to myself.

In fact, I know that there are a lot of women who consistently belittle themselves with attacks of self-hatred daily, from the moment they wake up, to the time they lie down to sleep.

How do I know?

Because that was me. And, because I have had the privilege of being surrounded by a community of women who have allowed me to be a part of their life’s journey, and many of them have shared their personal stories with me.

It’s so easy for self-proclaimed guru’s to just echo back to you “just love yourself”. What does that cryptic advice even mean? As if it were that easy.

What I get to witness is what makes my life’s work so rewarding. I have had the pleasure of guiding women to love themselves through movement – Sensual Movement, Pole Dancing, yoga, bootcamp and all the shenanigans in between.

It doesn’t just happen. You don’t just look in the mirror after years of talking shit to yourself and say “Ok, (your name) just love yourself now”.

It takes cultivation.

It takes doing the work and un-doing all of the self-liming beliefs.

It takes “being it till you see it” or “fake it till you make it”

Back when I felt trapped in a body that I didn’t recognize, I repeated malicious mantras to myself daily. Heck, even at times when I looked my “best” I was still dealing with occasional moments where the confidence well had run dry.

But one thing remained the same. The more that I realized that I had control over my body the more empowered I became.

Increasing the movement that I gave my body, the better I would feel. Every day that I exercised, I felt more alive. Every mini milestone of accomplishment, I would celebrate.

From solving digestive issues by cleaning up my nutrition, to seeing that first glimpse of muscle tone to realizing how much effing’ power I had as a woman – I embraced it. It was addicting.

Over the years I have realized that it’s not just me. Sensual Movement has changed the lives of the women that I’ve come to work with. Whether it’s a Goddess who is a sensual movement junkie, bootcamp babe or both, I’ve seen dramatic shifts in their confidence and mental fortitude.

They are working daily to Live the Goddess Life. Some days good, some days bad but most days completely aware that it’s ok to not feel like you have your shit together 100% – #realmotherfuckinglife

It is my mission to empower you to step into your biggest bad-ass-iest life ever.

With that, I hope you take a peek at my quickie #SexyIn60 sensual movement videos to see how easy it is to feel deliciously sexy.

You can watch this weeks video, the “Cat Pounce” and try it at home with my FULL online program HERE.

I hope this message finds you at a point in your life where it was exactly what you needed to hear. Know that my inspiration comes from your stories, feedback, and everything that you share with me.

My Sensual Movement online program is only available until September 1st at midnight. Make sure to go grab your FULL exploration into Sensual Movement for the every day woman. For women completely new to this kind of thing. Get yours here.

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