feel it work it (fat loss workout video)

Need a workout today? Let’s get your blood pumping and your body burning fat. These are the types of workouts you’ll find in my Goddess Body University 90 Day Challenge!

This circuit is a fat blasting one that you can follow along with. Do you have a set of dumbbells at home and maybe an ab ball? If so, dust them off and let’s get to work.

You’re in for a treat (and for those of you that don’t have those items you can still do this workout!).

I’m a huge fan of workouts with minimal equipment when it comes to fat loss. In fact, it’s the basis of all of our metabolic boosting bootcamp workouts (say that 3 times fast..heehee).

For those of you that think the only answer to losing weight is running, let me save your booty! A few of these circuits weekly will give you much better results and a tighter, more toned body.


This workout is great and includes one of my all time most FAVE exercises… BURPEES!!! Everyone thinks that trainers just love dishing out burpees for the sheer fun of watching you be tortured. Not true… (ok sometimes when you are late). I bet you didn’t know that doing a burpee utilizes 639 muscles. Impressive huh!? 
Enjoy this video and if you want to see more or have a specific request shoot me over a quick e-mail here and let me know what you’d like to see. You never know unless you ask!  I LOVE sharing workouts and coming up with stuff to keep you challenged.
Ready to change your workout routine? Want to find something that you can keep up without hours of grueling exercise and stupid diets that make you feel like you want to scratch your eyes out? Awesome, I thought so 🙂 Get on the wait list for our next round of Goddess Body University HERE.

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