How to figure out your calorie intake and avoid feeling hungry all the time

Q&A time… Although I am not an advocate of adhering to counting calories on the regular, I do think it is a useful tool when you are first starting out in trying to lose body fat (or weight loss). In my 6 week #FierceAF transformation program, we dive deep into everyones specific calorie and protein goals.

It is in these sessions that I’ve realized that oftentimes there is complete disconnect with understanding how many calories we are truly consuming. In my private Facebook group I asked the Goddesses what they were still struggling with.

This topic continues to be one that needs some attention!

I know that from personal experience I struggled with understanding how many calories I needed, what the heck macronutrients were and why I was feeling hungry.

Calories in vs. calories out is very important, however not all calories are created equal. When you can effectively balance your eating you’ll realize you aren’t starving all the time and you are fueling properly. There is definitely a correlation between your hungry, energy and cravings and the meal (or lack thereof) you had prior.

Today I’m answering a question from Aubrey “I always question how much I can eat… if I am still hungry after a serving can I have more?”

I answer this question and also give you a quick and easy strategy to round out your meals so you aren’t left feeling hungry and deprived.


Steps to getting on board with configuring your personal calorie goals:

  1. Figure out how much you need daily HERE
  2. Download the MyFitnessPal app on your phone HERE and set up a profile based off the numbers you received in the macro calculator. 
  3. Log your calories daily
  4. Try to hit your most important numbers AKA: macros- protein, carbs and fats
  5. Be ok with trial and error! Experiment with this for a few weeks without feeling the need to constantly decrease your calories.

Your metabolism has to play catch up and you shouldn’t always be striving to be in a massive caloric deficit. A huge mistake I see women make is to cut their calories drastically to only feel deprived, starving and defeated so they end up giving up or, worse yet, binging. 

Remember, these are just tools and loose guidelines for you to play around with. No two people are the same and no diet is a “one size fits all”.  The moment you notice yourself becoming discouraged, overwhelmed or controlled by too much counting, it’s time to stop.

Give yourself more credit than you normally do and realize you know exactly what you need to do. Eat in a manner that has you feeling vital, in good health and creates sustained fat loss WITHOUT occupying every waking moment of your life. It’s not worth it 🙂

Remember, it’s my mission to help you create a life that is Fit, Sexy and Confident. In that journey you should be having fun and not waiting to live until you arrive at some bullshit scale number. You are worth more than that.

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