Full day of eating VLOG

I try not to overcomplicate my fuel (aka food) as much as possible.

I aim to get around 100ish grams of protein a day, loads of green stuff, healthy fats and my “sanity calories”.

What are sanity calories?

Well they are those foods that I have to eat in order to make sure that I don’t feel like I’m dieting. Things that if I deprive myself from, I will eventually cave, breakdown and binge on. For me that looks like: half and half in my coffee, an occasional nightly glass of vino or two, chocolate and ice cream. They are my non-negotiable food items, if you will.

It equates to sustainability for me and my lifestyle. My training doesn’t suffer and I love the way I look and feel. Can’t complain about that!

In this video I’ll take you through a typical day of what I will consume from the start of my day to the end. I try not to overcomplicate things as much as possible because ultimately, the more we stress out about our nutrition the harder it is to adhere to it as a lifestyle.

I’m super stoked to be working with my girls enrolled in Goddess Body University on these exact key strategies as well as working towards being MORE and not less…working on performance based exercise goals and not on chasing weight loss on the scale as the only measure of success. This has been my key to consistency with my lifestyle!

The program only opens a couple times per year and is currently closed. HOWEVER, make sure to get your name on the list for when we re-open in 2017. Get on the wait list HERE to be the first notified plus get early bird bonuses.

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