Fun and HardCORE Ab workout

Fun and hard core ab imageNeed a quick ab workout? This is perfect one for you.

When I train my core I always incorporate stability exercises that force you to recruit the deep ab muscles as well as exercises that focus on the obliques.

This workout has a lot of movement (you’ll go from lying on your back to up on your arms every other exercise) with some dynamic core work as well.

Now, although it is low impact, don’t let that fool you. I was sweating half way through this workout. You will definitely find it challenging no matter what your fitness level.

Need more of a challenge? Add a few more reps. Or, slow it waaaaaay down. Remember to always engage your core tight!

I’ve also got some modifications in there if you are new to exercising or you want to scale back the intensity a bit.

Remember to always do your best and work at a level that is comfortable for you!

In this workout you’ll see my guest fitness star, my lovely 11 year old niece Reagan. She has spent a lot of time with me this summer and she’s morphed into loving healthy foods and really enjoying exercise. I’m so very proud of her!

I strongly believe that it is our job as adults to be role models for the littles around us.

We need to show them the ways of being healthy and fit, not criticizing our bodies in front of them and encouraging them to be strong (not fixated on the number on the scale!!).

Get your kids involved in the fitness and health action right along with you!


Here’s your workout:

20 Bicycles
10 Plank toe taps
20 Scissor switches
10 Push up to mountain climber combo
20 Shimmies
10 Plank Hops

We did 2 rounds in the video, but if you are an intermediate to advanced exerciser you could get in 3-4 rounds total!

Mental cues to think about when you are training abs/core:

  1. “Brace” your abs the entire time. Imagine someone was going to punch you in the stomach. That reflex of tightening and squeezing abs is what you want to do the entire time you train your abs. This will help you engage them vs. the hip flexors.

  2. Imagine you are holding a wet sponge in between your ribcage and are trying to squeeze the water out. This will also help stabilize you in ab movements where you are balancing on your hands or forearms.

  3. Invision wringing out a wet towel when you do any oblique work (like the bicycles). This will also get your core set up for effective ab training. 

Like these kinds of workouts? I’ve got an entire home based program that you can start immediately. This program is best for the busy Goddess who has a hard time finding space in her schedule to exercise. You can do this from the comfort of your own home!

Check out my Goddess Body At Home workout program HERE and get started today!


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