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Message from Diane:

Hey there! Thank you for your interest in contacting me!
Check it out – I get up to 100+ emails per day! It’s pretty crazy.

For a few years, I let the number of unread emails get into the thousands. At one point, it was over 19,000 unread emails. It made me sick to my stomach, especially because for the first couple years of business, I was able to answer every single email that came through – no problem.

As my brand grew, however, so did the number of people asking for my help – and even though I spent hours answering emails each day, unfortunately I just drowned in it all.

Luckily, I finally got over the fear of hiring someone to help me with my inbox problem. I have a few assistants who came to our rescue! Together, we’re able to get through most of the emails that come my way each day.

They do help me by answering some of the emails that come through. However, they do not answer as me, or pretending to be me. If you get a reply from me (Diane), it’s really me who is answering.

Even with the help, I still get a ton of email so please respect the amount of time it might take for one of us to get back to you. In most cases, it will not be immediate.

You may also attempt to reach me via my Facebook Page or on Instagram. I am active on those platforms throughout the day.

Thanks for understanding, and thank you again for checking out my site!

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