Goddess Body At Home DIY


Goddess Body-At Home DIY Program

I will teach you how to lose fat and get fit from the comfort of your own home without stepping foot in a gym or studio.

As a busy mom who was once over 200+ pounds, I know firsthand how discouraging it can feel to try a new workout program and worry about time spent away from home.

I am sure like many of the women I train, you don’t have time for gyms that feel intimidating or workout programs that seem as if they’re written in a entirely different language. 

And I am sure like me, finding your forever healthy lifestyle is important to you. No more yo-yoing back and forth with ‘on again off again’ diet plans. 

You and I both know that in order to avoid landing in the rabbit hole of frustration, you need a step-by-step plan that is easy to do. You need someone who’s been there and can give you your forever healthy lifestyle plan. 

You are not alone. In fact, I talk to a lot of women that…

Want effective workouts in less time so they can confidently create a regiment that fits into their lives and gives them the results they desire. 

Lack consistency because they are caught in their “all or nothing” mindset… this will wreak havoc on your results.

Procrastinate going to the gym because they are scared and just don’t know what’s effective to do once they get there.

Feel overwhelm when it comes to navigating their food and fitness, not knowing what works for you and your body will absolutely create frustration. 

I talk to a lot of women that…

-Lack the time and confidence to get in the gym or a fitness studio

-Are frustrated with lack of results from their inconsistency

-Are often overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to eat and how often to exercise

-Find their drive and motivation falls off after a couple of weeks at attempting to eat right and exercise 

I’ll take you from thinking of a healthy lifestyle as being restrictive and rigorous, to making it an effortless lifestyle that becomes part of your daily routine.

You’ll go from inconsistent and self-sabotaging behaviors, to a newfound excitement in creating consistency with my home workouts and weekly nutrition blueprint that is SIMPLE to implement.

Workout image for GBUMy Goddess Body at Home program will teach you what to do with a proven blueprint system to get you on track. You know what you need to do, you just need a coach to get you there and prompt you on how to do it. That’s me! 😉

Listen, we all know we need to exercise and eat right (it’s not rocket science?!) but I’m going to help you make those into habits that will stick and bring you long term success.

Terra G Before and After Front

Terra lost 35 pounds with my program!

You will learn how to make small, but conscious adjustments that will propel you into transformation SUCCESS!

What’s included in this kickass Goddess Body at home program:

  • 12 weekly emails delivered on Mondays that will let you know EXACTLY what you need to do for the week. No overwhelm! It’s all spelled out for you! You will never feel lost.
  • Access to the Goddess Body online program portal for 12 weeks
  • 12 week workout programming guide so there is zero guesswork about what to do and when
  • 30+ effective and result producing workout videos using little to no equipment (most you’ll need is dumbbells, chair and an optional ab ball!)
  • Goddess Body Nutrition Blueprint that includes…Grocery Lists, REALISTIC eating plan targeted for fat loss and healthy eating as the goal, supplement guide, meal prep tips, delicious recipes
  • 20+ Nutrition Videos 
  • Audio podcasts workshops (you can listen in your car!) 
  • This DIY option provides you access to login with a username and password to the Goddess Body Online Membership Portal, which includes access to weekly videos on all things exercise, nutrition, motivation and more. Right at your fingertips!



This online session is for you if:

  • You want to exercise at home and still get great results
  • You have access to little or no equipment (Goddess Body at home requires a set of dumbbells, a sturdy chair, an optional ab ball and mat)
  • You learn well online and through video, audio and PDF’s
  • You want a kick-ass workout you can do at home. You can modify for the most absolute beginner to advanced fitness buff
  • You’re confused on what to eat, what to buy or how to eat healthy or “eat clean”
  • You hate the gym and/or fitness studios intimidate you


This is NOT for you if:Terra G Before and After Side

  • You want to be working out for hours daily. These are quick and effective workouts that shouldn’t take you longer than 30 minutes.
  • Want a shortcut. There is no cutting corners and the work has to be done. Don’t get frustrated after a few weeks and think it’s not working. You have to get consistent and the results will come.
  • You constantly make excuses for your lack of achieving results
    You want the easy way out and give up easily
  • You can’t make yourself a priority for 12 weeks
  • You are negative and don’t enjoy fun
  • You take yourself too seriously

Jessica C. has maintained her 15+ pounds of fat loss!

Jessica C. has maintained her 15+ pounds of fat loss!



One of the main things I’ve done with working with thousands of women over the past 10+ years is help them settle into a fat loss lifestyle that is effortless and stress free from “diet-hell”.

With my own trials and errors in my weight loss journey, as well as my education at the Institute of Inegrative Nutrition, this is now my mission to help others.

I know that you will benefit not only from the physical transformation, but the emotional one as well!

I’ve offered this wildly popular 12-week Goddess Body at home transformative program for many years now and have seen hundreds of women emerge fit, sexy and confident.







Q: When does the program start?

A: Immediately! Since this program is DIY, you can start whenever you are ready and you’ll have access to the program for 12-weeks from then. This DIY program will only be available through Friday, August 19th so make sure to get on board ASAP!


Q: I’m a busy mom and I don’t have much extra time. How long are the workout videos?

A: All workouts are under 30 minutes. With even some quick and to-the-point workouts in 5-10 minutes. I’m a huge believer in every little bit counts. I would rather you get in a quickie sweat sesh with me in 10 minutes than nothing at all. Everything is progress!

Q: I’ve tried all kinds of programs (counting points, counting calories, weight loss shakes, you name it) why is this program different?

A: Because besides all of the amazing workouts you will experience, you will also LEARN how to create permanent habits. I teach you and give you the tools you need to be successful through your journey. You eat REAL food, learn how to make wiser choices and STILL create opportunities to enjoy your not-so-healthy favorites. YES, you can have your cake and eat it too (in moderation:)


Q:  Will the online program be just as effective as the in-studio program?

A: YES!!! Three years ago when I launched the online program for the first time during the holidays, (the HARDEST time of the year to lose weight) they had some remarkable results. Anywhere from 8-17 pounds all during only an 8 week session. We give you the private workout videos delivered via the internet, PDF downloads of all of the program materials just like our in-studio Goddesses.


Q: For the online program am I fit enough and what equipment do I need?

A: The program is somewhat challenging and was designed with a beginner/intermediate exercisers in mind. The goal is that I want you have to have something to work toward. I expect 90% of people to not be able to do the workouts exactly as is. However, I want you to honor your body and adjust as needed for you. You will need a set of dumbbells (between 5-10 pounds is a good start), a sturdy kitchen chair and an optional Ab ball. I give tons of modifications in my videos so if you don’t have these things you can go without!


Q: Is Goddess University REALLY the right program for me?

A: Are you frustrated because you aren’t seeing results from your current fitness program (or lack of)? Are you intimidated by a gym setting? Are you feeling self-conscious and hiding behind baggy clothes? Do you avoid certain social settings or events because you are “waiting” until you lose some weight? If you answered YES to any of these questions, trust me, you belong in this program.

Q: What is the difference between the Goddess Body At-Home and this Goddess Body At-Home DIY Program?

A: You both receive the exact same weekly e-mails, materials, online membership access to the full 12 weeks of workout videos, etc. However, this program does not include the group coaching and access to Diane in the private Facebook page. Of course at any time if you are experiencing technical difficulties we are here for you!

Have more Questions? Email me here!

What’s the cost for the 12-Week DIY program?

*Cost: This program is no longer available. Make sure to get on the waitlist for when it re-launches and to get early bird bonuses. Click the button below!

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