University Challenge

12 weeks to a Fit, Sexy & Confident lifestyle
Nutritional guidance + accountability + fitness
bootcamp & pole dance
We are very excited about our body transforming
program & the results that our students are going to
achieve; we would love for you to join us.
In our past 12 week contests we have seen amazing
transformations, not just in our clients’ physical
appearance but also mentally and emotionally.
This is a life changing program and a great way to
focus on being your best self ever!


Are you frustrated with your lack of results? Are you tired of feeling out of shape and overwhelmed about where to even start?
Does this sound like you?

  • The thought of going into a dressing room to try on clothing makes you cringe because you are
    so uncomfortable with how your body looks.
  • Summer means bathing suits, shorts and tank tops which stresses you out. You often make excuses to get out of going to events where you know you will have to be in a swimsuit.
  • Getting on the scale at the doctors office makes you feel embarrassed. When you leave there you let it damper your day a little and you just focus on that number.
  • When being intimate with your partner the lights have to be off. You are so uncomfortable with the way you look and you don’t want to be seen naked.
  • You have a gym membership but you only go in and do cardio. The thought of trying to figure out what machines do what terrify you. You’ll take some of the exercise classes but you aren’t noticing any results and aren’t consistent.
  • You “diet” during the week and then binge on the weekends. You’ve followed this rollercoaster for years and feel lost when it comes to eating healthy without feeling deprived.

If any of the above sounds like you, it’s now’s the time to get real! Our program was designed for REAL women. Women just like you with real fears and doubts but hell bent on achieving the body they deserve!

Learn more about our Online Goddess University Program.
Learn more about our In-Studio Goddess University.

The 12 week transformation program that will not only change your body, but your entire life. See below some of our transformation testimonies. Also, click here to read ’13 reasons why our gals LOVE Goddess University’.

“My transformation has been amazing!!! I’ve enjoyed all of the support and compliments from the Venus staff, my family and friends while having fun!! By staying committed to my workouts, I was able to run my first mini-marathon (6 miles). I have learned that working out can be fun, sexy, sensual and a confidence boost all in one!”
Mya L.

“I have tried many different diets on my weight loss journey. Some have worked and, of course, some have not. On most of the diets that I’ve tried I’ve ended up gaining what I lost back. With Venus Pole Fitness’ Bodacious Body Boot Camp and the Pole New You Challenge, I find that I really enjoy it and I’m addicted to it. Is is a really fun program and I’m definitey going to keep coming. I really appreciate all of the instructors helps and Venus Pole Fitness will always be a big part of my life.”
Nancy G.

“I have struggled with my weight for a long time. For the first time with Venus Pole Fitness’ Bodacious Body Boot Camp I feel like I can actually lose weight and keep it off. So far on the program I have lost around 25 pounds and I am still attending classes. I plan on continuing to attend until I reach my goal weight. I still have a long way to go until that point but Venus has made me realize that my ultimate weight loss goal is actually within reach as long as I am determined to go there. I am so grateful that I found Venus Pole Fitness and I really appreciate how much the instructors and fellow classmates have helped me so far on my weight loss journey.”
Nicole G.

“I love bootcamp. I thought I would never say it. But I do enjoy that the results is what I put into it; go, ask for guidance, make better decisions away from bootcamp. Struggling is a challenge I can overcome. And, I’m at my best body and state of mind due to bootcamp and me. Encourage your friends, and yourself!”
Jhenn D.

“Diane, I am so happy with my results with boot camp! I never thought I would be able to do what I do now. I have never worked out as hard as I do in class and for some reason I love that you push us to our limits.”
Norma C.

“I have only been with Venus for 8 weeks and have lost 19 pounds. I was preparing for gastric bypass, my cholesterol was off the charts and I was a borderline diabetic. This has been a game changer”

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