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Last week on my Facebook page, one of my good friends tagged me in a post. She was asking me what I thought about the popular “body wraps”.
I love this friend dearly. So naturally, I answered her with a private message that simply stated “Total waste of time and money, don’t bother.”
I remember about 10 years ago when I went in for one of these body wraps. I had a wedding to go to and I was in panic mode because the dress I wanted to wear was tiiiiight.
I looked in the mirror, saw “back fat” hanging over my strapless dress and immediately searched for a quick fix. Body wrap? Sure, let’s try that.
Did it work?
Sure…It did release a bit of water weight, but you better believe that the results were temporary.
Body Wraps
Detox Diets
Juice Cleanses
Strict meal plans
Counting Points
Fat Loss Pills
Diet Challenges
There is so much noise out there that confuses the hell out of us, doesn’t it? Then we have celebrities all over the place endorsing products and making all sorts of crazy claims.
For the woman who is trying to get started on her fat loss journey, all of this nonsense can make it pretty intimidating to get started. Where does one start?
Some women get started to then begin a pattern of program hopping once they see it is not working for them.
I get it, I totally get it. I have been there myself.
We are so used to feeling like if our fat loss plans aren’t making us feel restricted or tortured they won’t work. Isn’t that crazy!??
Over the years I have spent a considerable amount of time working through dieting trial and errors. I’ve weeded through the nonsense and devised a successful program, Goddess Body University, that will have you effortlessly looking and feeling YOUR best.
My clients have done amazing. But that’s because I continue to get in the trenches with them, get their feedback and continually improve the system.
The beauty of it is that it’s about creating a lifestyle that you can maintain without feeling restricted.
I’d like to share with you exactly how and why I designed this program.
My Journey
After having 3 children, seeing my weight balloon up and down from 150-200 pounds, I was ready for a change.
I was sick, tired and completely unhappy with how I looked and felt.

A journey of many body shapes and weights fluctuating from 150-202 pounds

A journey of many body shapes and weights fluctuating from 150-202 pounds

I started exercising at home, then sometimes in the gym, dabbled in group classes and eventually hired a personal trainer. As I gradually got stronger and healthier, I decided I wanted to attempt bodybuilding.
Over the course of 3 years, I competed in 7 figure and bikini competitions.

A few snapshots of my bodybuilding journey

A few snapshots of my bodybuilding journey

It was during this time that I became obsessed with exercise and nutrition. I would live, eat, breathe and sleep this lifestyle. It was exciting but it also took over my life and my thoughts. I became obsessive about when and how I would exercise, or when my next meal would be. It was a quite a bit of insanity, to say the least.
At the end of it all, I was exhausted. My family life was suffering, my body was fighting back (losing hair and no period for 6 months every time I competed) and I couldn’t maintain that level of leanness as bad as I wanted to. It was so restrictive and completely unrealistic.

diane 3 weeks out abs

A completely over lean body that was unrealistic to maintain

I made the decision that I needed to find balance that would be realistic. The hardcore ways of competition dieting were not serving me and I was on a mission to live a lifestyle of ease when it came to exercise and nutrition.
Eventually, through my own experiences, I created a program for my studio clients, Goddess Body University, that was yielding them amazing results.
Now, I am on a mission to share this life changing experience with every woman I possibly can.
Why? Because deep down I know that every woman wants to:
  • Feel confident
  • Look amazing
  • Not be embarrassed by her body
  • Stop the crazy diet cycles
This can be a little daunting to find some sense of balance right? Sometimes, we let one area go for too long and other parts of our lives tend to fall apart.
In GBU I coach women thru the process of intersecting many areas to find a sense of balance that will yield great results in ALL areas
  • Mind (positive and empowered thinking)
  • Body (exercise that is effective)
  • Nutrition (sustainable approach to fat loss)
  • Primary “Food” (taking a look at the other areas of your life that could be contributing to past failed attempts at fat loss and a regular exercise routine)
What I’ve seen time and time again is that women will focus soley on losing weight. Other programs lack in teaching women how to nurture the other areas of their lives that contribute to their fat loss goals.
I’m paving the way to a more realistic approach. One that doesn’t have an expiration date. Yes, GBU is 12 weeks of exercise, nutrition, mindset and everything in between. But, it’s a stepping stone to creating new adaptable habits that will last a lifetime.
If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines terrified to “start over” I don’t blame you! So many quickie fixes and extreme diet/exercise programs have you feeling like a complete failure.
But I’m here to tell you, you no longer have to sit on the sidelines. Life is to be lived out loud! You deserve to “start over” for the last time.
Our roadmap to success looks a little like this:
Goddess Body University Blueprint
GBU book
  • Resistance training with bodyweight or weights
  • Quick and highly effective High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • A “count free” approach to nutrition that lacks deprivation
  • Mindfulness, positive thinking exercises and gratitude
  • Being better- In work, home and self care
How this all comes together:
Combination of resistance training, body weight exercises and HIIT

Kickoff photo

GBU in-studio Freshman Orientation

  • Suggested exercise plan of 2-4 days per week! Done for you! (depending on your level and ability)
  • Constantly varied workouts either timed or done within rep ranges
  • You can expect any variety of: squats, lunges, plyometrics, body weighted and body party specific training.
Sustainable nutrition without deprivation
 Ds big ol mess
  • No calorie counts
  • Balanced meal templates based on a protein, carbohydrate, veggies, fruits and healthy fats
  • Focus on high volume eating with less calorie impact
  • Taking guilt out of food and learning to enjoy what you are eating
Mindset and positive thinking

Get your mind right and your body will follow!

Get your mind right and your body will follow!


  • Private community of women with constant positive encouragement
  • Weekly practices to connect you to your motivation
  • Empowering and motivating conversations in the private group about the “Book of the Month”
We’ve had so many women come through GBU and many with very different goals. But they all have one thing in common, they crave success. Sometimes when life gets the best of you, it’s so easy to throw in the towel and give up.
The GBU support system gets you back on track every time and gives you absolute permission to be human. We want to see you succeed and help you through any stumbling blocks.
Can we help you?
GBU is filled with women across all realms…the fitness newbie, the over 50 crew, recovering fit-a-holics, busy mammas, stressed out executives and the list goes on.
GBU is for the woman who needs a step-by-step approach to creating a body and a life she loves and deserves. All while being around the most motivating group of coaches and women that want to see you reach your fullest potential.
Registration is NOW open for you to get started.

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