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64Jaclyn Iwasyk Goddess of the Month – April 2014

Client transformation! Have you ever met someone and just always wanted to be around them all the time? They have that “it” factor. They just radiate happiness and positivity. They go out of their way to be extra nice and helpful to anyone and everyone.

Meet Jack (aka Jaclyn). Every single class that Jack comes to she is motivating the other Goddesses to be their best selves. She is officially the cheerleader of not only bootcamp, but pole too. Jaclyn Iwaysk has had an amazing 2 year journey with us. Read her story below.


Name: Jaclyn Iwasyk aka Jack

Occupation and age: I am 35 years young and an Interventional Cardiology RN. I absolutely love my job and am very passionate about educating women about heart disease. Though it doesn’t get all the press like breast cancer does, it is the number 1 killer of women.

Kids? Grandkids? If so brag a bit: I have 2 awesome kids. Brooklyn is 3 and Luke is 7 months. They are the drive behind my passion to be healthy and lead a fit lifestyle.

Your life motto: Be the Lion, not the lamb. Be courageous and bold. Don’t be afraid to disagree with the crowd. Educate yourself. It is only when you are truly happy with who you are, that u can make anyone else happy.

How long have you been a Goddess at Venus? About 2 years

Have you undergone a transformation (physically, emotionally or both!)? I believe you can’t fully embrace or create a physical change without making emotional change as well. I recently have lost 23lbs after having my son but I am still a ways from my ultimate goal. I am finding that my emotional connections with food are my biggest challenges but I know with the Venus team on my side I can make the lasting changes to meet my goals.

Did you have any previous dance or fitness training before starting pole? I was in the Army Reserve when I was younger; I guess that’s why I love the bootcamp style. I have also done P90x and belonged to the gym for years. I have taken several dance classes as an adult but am far from a “dancer”.

What made you decide to take classes? I was absolutely bored with the gym! I’ve never truly loved to work out but have always gone through the motions because I knew I needed to. When I found Venus it was my A-HA moment.

Favorite class and why? I am a boot camp junkie! I can’t explain exactly what it is- the camaraderie, the peeps or the feeling of sheer power after class- but I am addicted. I am a proud member of the “Crack of Dawn Crazy” crew 🙂

What is it that you LOVE about Venus? I LOVE that no matter what class I take, everyone makes you feel welcome. Everyone is so friendly-staff & clients. I also Love that when I am at class I get to totally focus on working on me and I am not thinking of all the millions of other things that I need to do.

Platforms, barefeet or legwarmers? Platforms and BLING! To me pole is all about shoes & sparkle!

What are you currently working on technically? With the upcoming Open House, I am trying to focus on making the things I know look the best I possibly can. After Open House I will start focusing on improving my vertical skills.

What are you working on artistically? Fluidity and Not making bitter pole face O_o

Do you have a favorite song to pole dance to? I love to dance to rock! My go to song right now is Rock Candy- Montrose

We LOVE music at Venus Pole Fitness. What 3 songs would be featured on the soundtrack to YOUR life?

1.Duck and Run -3 Doors Down

2.Best of Me- Morningwood

3. Don’t Stop Believing- Journey

Guilty pleasure: lip gloss! One can never own too many.

Final Question: Any inspirational advice you would like to share with women who are afraid to try pole dancing? If you are even a little bit curious about what we do at Venus, just try it. You don’t know what you are missing! “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop and look fear in the face” -Eleanor Roosevelt

And there you have it! Another beautiful Venus Goddess who conquered her fears and took charge of her life. Are you ready to take control of your life and your body? Ready to lose fat, tighten and tone your abs and bootie and have the most fun EVER while doing it? Miss Jaclyn has noticed the biggest changes in her body by joining us with the Goddess Body Elite Membership.


Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hi there! My name is Diane Flores and I’m a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend and, most importantly…a WOMAN who knows exactly how you feel!

I am also a Certified Health Coach through the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition, Certified Pole & Fitness Trainer, previous NPC figure athlete and current NPC Bikini Competitor with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness field. The demands on my life are no less or more important than yours. Which means, if I can live a Fit, Sexy and Confident lifestyle, you can too and my program will show you how.

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