DO THESE STEPS NEXT (click here)

  • Fill out: The Initial Consult Questionnaire (clicking here). Even returning goddesses! This will help me determine which meal plan to start you off with. I will need these before Sunday please! Get it done ASAP.
  • Weekly check-in form. (click here) Please make sure to fill this out completely and submit via the online form every Sunday.
  • Bookmark: Make sure to save or “bookmark” this web page so you can return to it later when you need to fill out your weekly check in form.
  • Join the private Facebook Group: Make sure to add Diane as a friend on Facebook by clicking here. You will also need to go to the Private Goddess University Facebook Group page (click here) and request to be added to the secret group. Please make sure to introduce yourself there once you have been added by posting a test pic of yourself (Shameless selfie (photo of yourself). Yes, even if you have a photo on your profile page!
  • If you are a studio Goddess: We have scheduled you to attend the “Little Black Dress Kick Off” meet up on Sunday, October 26th  from 1:00-3:00pm.  If you cannot make it please let me know ASAP.  You will need to be given your program documents and we will need to arrange a time for your photos/measurements and weigh ins. I will NOT just give you the program info (diet/meal plans, etc.) without you coming in for a meet up with one of our Goddess coaches.
  • If you are an online Goddess: Please let me know if you are attending the live kick off meet up by sending me an e-mail here to Once you have filled out the initial consultation above, you will receive the materials via e-mail, so that you have access to the direct links to all of the videos and program materials as well.
  • Kitchen purge!  Please scan thru your fridge, pantry, freezer, etc.  Get ready for a new lifestyle by BRINGING in all of the processed foods if you are attending the Kick Off…chips, cookies, ice cream, pretzels, crackers, soda, alcohol etc. For my online Goddesses your homework is to do the SAME THING but post a photo to the Facebook group of all of your loot that you will be trashing so we can cheer you on virtually.  No shame and no judgments!  Everyone has been there and this is holistic program approaching nutrition on a whole new level.  Do it right!  This is an important part of the program.  You will learn WHY these items don’t belong in your nutrition.