What to expect and what to bring to this and all future meet-ups: (click here)

•What to expect:

For the in-studio kick off meet up, this will be a workshop style setting where you will be absorbing new info. Be prepared to take notes, ask questions and learn about a new lifestyle.

You will be taught how to set goals and intentions (VERY IMPORTANT), see samples of items that will lead to success as well as have your meal plans explained to you.

Come prepared with your schedule/planner/calendar so you can set up as much as you can and sit with one of our Ambassadors who will assist you on scheduling your first classes at Venus (if this is your first time).

For my online Goddesses we will be recording this Kick-off so that you can also have access to the video and you can watch it as well.

•What to bring:

  • Bring a yoga mat and a pillow. Yes a pillow! We will be getting comfy and sitting on mats, sister circle style!!!!
  • Come dressed in comfortable workout wear. We will have a mini workout break to get your heart pumping and give you an example of some exercises you will find in a boot camp workout!
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY Bring a bikini/swimsuit/outfit for every meet up for photos, measurements, etc (This is an integral part of the program. This is done privately with a coach. No judgments and no stress!)