GWOD #1: Sexy Shoulders HIIT

Get to it!

GWOD stands for “Goddess Workout Of the Day”. Clever ‘eh? 🙂

Print it, or screen capture it with your phone or tablet and get to it! This workout focuses on your shoulders and metabolic resistance training.

Sexy Shoulders HiiT Equipment Required:

  • Download the Gymboss app on your smart phone or get the handy dandy Gym Boss Timer
  • A speed jump rope. I love the pink Dr. Sara Solomon Cross Speed Jump Rope
  • Dumbbells (I have 5, 8 and 10 pounds handy. I start heavier and then decrease weight if it gets too challenging)

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Workout plan to expedite your results:

  • Don’t let your workouts be in vain, utilize my program that WORKS and is done for you!! Check it out.



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