GWOD #10: Heart Stopper HIIT

Have you ever done an “AMRAP” workout?

They are typically the most challenging because you are racing against the clock in an attempt to do “as many rounds as possible” in the alloted time.

The “cardio hater” in me wants to gag at the thought every time I plan one of these workouts for myself.

But, the part of me that really dislikes running as a form of cardio (aka, as a fat loss tool) would much rather do an AMRAP any day.

It’s quick and killer, to the point and the end results are so much better than a steady pace jog or run.


Well, look at the below exercises for a second…

First on this workout you’ve got squats and an overhead press. This is a powerful pair. You’ll be working your entire lower body and upper body with resistance PLUS the movement will shoot your heart rate up. Thus achieving those coveted cardiovascular benefits you so desire to whittle your muffin top.

I’ve then sandwiched in some jump rope (of course, my fave) plus some core work on an ab ball and polished it off with up-downs with dumbbells (how to do it: dumbbells in hands, bend down and place them on the floor then explode your feet behind you into a push up position, then explode the feet back in and stand up). This trio will have your heart POUNDING and your entire body moving synergistically to move that weight.


Still not convinced? Add in that last move, the walking lunges, and you’ll kick in those legs and tap into whatever you’ve got left to push to the finish.

If you are still utilizing running for fat loss, I BEG OF YOU to stop. Unless you absolutely 1000% love to run just because. Then keep it up. I’m not going to stop you from doing what you love.

But, if you are using running to “lose weight”, stop and give these GWOD’s a shot for at least a month (do 3-4 of them per week) then come talk to me and let me know how you are doing.

I’ll bet you will enjoy these GWOD’s more than steady state running or elliptical, you’ll see some sexy muscle tone and quicker results in less time. Just sayin’, I do it with all my bootcamp clients and they love the results.

So, if you are ready to get a quick metabolic HIIT workout in, check out the GWOD below. You can print it, or screen capture it with your phone or tablet and get to it!

GWod #10Equipment Required:

  • Download the Gymboss app on your smart phone or get the handy dandy Gym Boss Timer
  • A speed jump rope. I love the pink Dr. Sara Solomon Cross Speed Jump Rope
  • Dumbbells (I have 5, 8 and 10 pounds handy. I start heavier and then decrease weight if it gets too challenging)
  • A stability ab ball

If you liked this workout, make sure to check out “GWOD #9 Fun and Hardcore HIIT”


If you’ve been doing these GWODS I’d love to know. Leave me a comment below so I know to keep sharing my workouts with you!

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