GWOD #9: Fun and Hardcore HIIT

I really enjoy jump rope.


Did I say really already??

Ok, so you get it. I’m a bit passionate about it. There’s just something about having a portable piece of equipment that can quickly kick your ass AND is fun.

Now, when I jump rope I try to stay fast and furious. I’ve been practicing so many different types of jump rope skills so it stays interesting and challenging.

The latest skill I’ve been working on is the beast of double-unders (the rope does a double pass under your feet). It’s such a challenging one (for me), in fact it pissed me off for so long that I stopped trying for a while. Ha! Then I realized I was being a big baby and the only way I was going to get better was to practice.

So, I continue to work on double-unders in all my glorious frustration. But guess what!? It HAS gotten remarkably better. I can even get about 8 consecutive double under jumps. It’s a start right!?

When I first started adding jump rope to my workouts it wasn’t my fave. The rope kept whipping me and getting tangled and I felt like a fish out of water. A huge part of the issue was the rope. I was using some old rope we had here at home that was heavier and longer than it should be to really be successful.

When I switched to this rope, my world of jump rope changed!

I even packed my jump rope when we went to visit my son in South Carolina for his Army Bootcamp Graduation. I made my daughter and sister get a great workout with me in the hotel that included jump rope, running the hotel stairwells, bodyweight lunges and push ups (along with a ton of plank style exercises, like the ones listed below).

So if you are ready to get a quick metabolic HIIT workout in check out the GWOD below. You can print it, or screen capture it with your phone or tablet and get to it!

Do you have a jump rope? Did you ever jump rope in grade school? I remember how much I loved it back then and I love it just as much now!


Equipment Required:

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If you’ve been doing these GWODS I’d love to know. Leave me a comment below so I know to keep sharing my workouts with you!

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