Happy March

It’s no doubt that my main objective in life is to inspire and motivate others to be their best selves.

But what happens when the people you love the most aren’t as excited about being confident in their everyday lives, eating veggies and breaking a sweat? It can be rough.

When I first started on my healthier lifestyle, I wanted my family in on it. But let me tell you, they were less than excited about sweet potato cupcakes and kale chips. Major fail.

I would try to get my family eating new healthier recipes by swapping out old, unhealthier versions and there was always a complaint. But I didn’t give up.

What I did give up was being a “healthy pusher”. Pushing or forcing (at least in my experience) doesn’t work.

I just think to the times when I would get frustrated with “crap pushers” (those that try to get healthy eaters to cave into eating not-so-healthy foods, aka “crap”) and how it’s just as annoying coming from us “healthy pushers”.

I would get upset with my family and wonder why they wouldn’t want to feel better and live longer. So I got sneaky (all for the sake of having them around longer!).

The less I emphasized on certain foods or dishes being healthy, I was met with less resistance. Major win!

One of the easiest ways to get the family eating more protein, healthy fats and greens is by having them drink smoothies (but you can’t say “smoothie”, you must tell them it’s a milkshake 🙂

My father is the most challenging “client” I’ve EVER had. I love the man dearly, so I’m on a “sneaky” mission to re-vamp his nutrition. We are starting with “milkshakes” 🙂

This is the recipe that I put together for Dad (click here for the recipe) and, shockingly, HE LOVED IT…and I quote “I could drink that everyday”. Mission accomplished!

Throughout my journey it took me a while to realize that everyone comes around in their own time when (and if) they choose. And that’s ok!

Often times my Goddesses will start a 12 week Goddess University Session and stress out about trying to bring the entire family on board with the changes.

I always tell them to take the 12 weeks to make themselves a priority and not “push” their new habits and foods on their families. Of course, there will be those who are ready and hungry (pun intended) for the wealth of nutrition information. I encourage you to seize the opportunity to inspire them, you may save their life.


Saving the world with sass, smoothies and sweat drops!

Coach D

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