How great can you be if you don’t give up?

Pursuing a goal? Feel like it’s going to take forever, or that you’ll never achieve it?

Me too. I mean, I was once there as well and sometimes the feeling creeps back up when I set myself up for something that I know will be a challenge.

This whole crazy sensual dance journey that I got myself into almost didn’t happen.

When we first started, I had severe bouts with motion sickness. It impaired me for nearly 6 months. I had to medicate or I couldn’t pole dance! lol

Then there was that severe inability to walk in stilettos. I literally went from flip-flops to 6″ stripper heels overnight. My first pole class was a “Nightmare on Diane Street”. The shoes I chose to wear were a recipe for a broken ankle. Thankfully, I set my ego aside and pole danced barefoot my first few classes once I realized I was waaaay in over my head.

Oh and let’s not forget about that crazy painful pole burn that you experience when you are new to pole. I remember timing myself (via my VCR clock) to sit on the pole and suffer through that pain to condition my sensitive skin to the abuse. I literally got better one minute at a time.

In this video I give you a more colorful explanation of the above scenarios. I also stress the importance of recognizing that everyone has a journey. No one magically appears to have it all together without having their own bumps and bruises. 


Had I not trudged thru all of the above hurdles (plus there were TONS more, trust me) the space I call Venus Pole Fitness would have never happened. 

So many times I wanted to quit. I was over it. I didn’t look like all of the other girls that were pole dancing. I had terrible motion sickness. I felt like I sucked! But I kept pursuing through the suckage and I paved my own journey. Now, I can’t imagine my life without sensual dance in it. It has literally been the birthplace of  where I ventured into owning my femininity, confidence and self-acceptance.

What passion or purpose do you have burning inside but either procrastinate starting or just want to quit? Keep going!

How great can you be if you DON’T give up??

I hope to help you fight through that voice in your head that wants to quit when your heart wants to keep going.

I also want you to know how amazing sensual dance can be and exactly how I started was with the basics. I trust that if you give it time, you’ll fall in love with it too! I’ve got my free mini-sensual dance starter kit for you to try HERE. 

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