How she lost 25 pounds with Goddess University Online…meet Tina‏

“It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.” ~William James


Happy Friday!

Some of you may know this cutie below in the pic. For those of you that don’t, she is my little sister, Tina.

In the past, Tina and I have exercised and we’ve dieted together often (when 1000 calorie diets or counting “points” were the only way we knew how to drop pounds). I can remember those conversations “how many points do you have left for the day sis?” or “I can’t eat that because I only have 3 points left”.

Those methods may work for some, and I’m glad that they make people aware of portion control, but it’s really an insane way to live.

Overcomplicating things is a surefire way to make you want to quit. And most women do.

A little over 8 weeks ago, Tina called me and said, “I’m ready to get my body back, can you help me?”

She had committed to a transformation program at a local fitness studio in her town. Tina was exercising 3 times a week, but she needed some clean eating know-how to really see the results she was after.

Now, I get OVER-THE-MOON excited when I can help someone see the light at the end of the dieting tunnel. However, when it’s my family, not to mention my sister (who is my best friend), I couldn’t be happier.

I instantly got her started with my Goddess University program materials (80+ pages of content rich info) plus the EXACT meal plans and guidelines that I give my participants. Over the course of her weight loss journey she’s hardly had any questions about clean eating (maybe 4-5 that I can think of) and she’s done amazing.

The materials she received were no different than those I give to my Goddess University girls. She’s made all of my recipes, used the detailed grocery lists and restocked her home pantry over time with the foods she needs for fat melting success! She didn’t get any “secret” tips or pills or magic potions that made it happen. SHE made it happen with the Goddess University tools I put in front of her.

I love getting updates weekly from her and she let’s me know how her progress is going since we don’t see each other often. Now I quote “I can’t believe how the weight is just falling off and this is so easy. It’s not dieting; it’s just eating like we were meant to eat and enjoying treats in moderation. It’s literally just common sense once you get the basic principles down”.

Not only has she lost an amazing 25 pounds, her energy level is through the roof, she is sleeping better, her skin is glowing and she has such an excitement about this new lifestyle because it’s something she can maintain easily.

Essentially Tina did my Online Goddess University Program where she was given all of the program materials, had access to me for questions and so much more. You can read about that program here in this pamphlet.

And, we start our newest session of Goddess University with Freshman Orientation on April 27th. Spots are dwindling and we would love to have you. You can register now here before the spots are gone.

So, I hope that you have enjoyed this great transformation story that has made me so proud. I want you to know that you don’t have to go at it alone. Weight loss and achieving the body of your dreams can be easy and fun…just ask my sister Tina!

Believing in your potential to be the next success story,


Coach D

PS- As promised, here is the PDF printout to one of Tina’s go-to recipes from the Goddess University program. Because she’s a busy mom and doesn’t want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen, she prepares these muffins in advance. Then enjoys a couple of them with a quick protein shake for breakfast. I’d like you to make these muffins and have 2 for breakfast daily for 5 days (add a protein shake along side for even more fat burning potential) and report back to me with how you feel! Send me an e-mail or leave me a comment on Facebook!

PPS- My blog will be coming soon and lots of great content will be on there (workouts, recipes, my Goddess University E-book, recommended products and so much more). If you’d like to be added to the blog e-mail list you can raise your hand here by clicking this link!!

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