How she lost 45 pounds at Venus

This is a story so inspiring I have to share with you…


I will never forget Cheri’s first day at the 12 week members meet-up  (the photo below in the “before” shot).  She walked in quietly and hid in the back.  After our pole workout, all of the new girls anxiously changed into their suits and waited for their “before” pictures.  


As Cheri approached me, she timidly whispered, “I hope it’s ok if I’m wearing a sports bra and shorts. I don’t own a bikini.”  I immediately gave her a big hug and told her she didn’t need one, and, if and when she was ready to, it would all be up to her.  A few short months thereafter she purchased one of now many bikinis, that she proudly wears.


This is the result of a Goddess that has been working VERY passionately and consistently for a little over a year.  She has never given up.  She has had bad days and she has had fantastic days.  But, what sets her apart is that she didn’t quit.  When the going gets tough she always knows setbacks are temporary.

Cheri has attended over 275 classes at the time of me writing this e-mail.  She has kept her weight off for months now by sheer consistency and a positive attitude.  She has learned the importance of clean eating, along with exercise, in maintaining the body she now loves.

Her results have been profound and she is off the bandwagon of yo-yo diets.  Cheri jumped in with both feet into our 12 week session and never looked back.  This keeps her motivated and challenged with new goals every round.  Cheri has made the change in her mindset that being fit and sexy is NOT some goal that you attempt to reach and then stop once you get there. 
She knows it’s a Fit, Sexy and Confident lifestyle 🙂

Want to be our next success story?  We are gearing up for another 12 week contest very soon. Check out the dates here.  Or, you can simply start your transformation NOW with our 12 week membership without entering in the contest. 

Much Love,
Coach Diane Flores

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