How to beat sugar cravings and nighttime snacking

Some of the most frequently asked questions I get are wrapped up in this video workshop I have for you today.

If you are struggling with sugar cravings, stress over making healthier food choices and nighttime snacking I promise this video is worth a watch!

In this video workshop I discussed:
Sugar cravings and top tips on how to reduce them:
~It usually comes down to what you’ve been eating all day prior to cravings!
~Overly sweetened beverages usually trigger desire for more
~Taking it back to basics helps your tastebuds not crave sweets
~Sometimes eating what your craving triggers you to want more and it’s hard to stop

How to make small steps to eating healthy:
~Focus on ‘big movers’..increasing salads and not stressing on the toppings so much
~Prioritize protein, green fibrous veggies and healthy fat
~High five yourself for eating salad over greasy fried foods.

Nighttime snacking-why we do it and great alternatives: 
~Most times comes out of habit (get home from work, grab snack, sit and veg out)
~Don’t try to force yourself out of the habit, instead swap out the snack item (I gave some good suggestions here!)
~Take a look at your day and where you were maybe over-restricting. This leads to desire to snack/binge

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