How to dance sexy and feel confident!

For almost a decade I’ve been teaching women how to gain confidence by owning their sensuality. This is the greatest gift you can share with someone in your life!

If you are craving intimacy, connection and a little spice in your love life, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. What better gift than the gift of yourself on a whole new level? Not only will it be a gift for them, most importantly it will be a gift for you.

Being a certified Pole and sensual dance teacher, I’ve feel truly grateful to be able to coach women in the area of transformation and confidence. I’ve seen them come into the studio thinking they are doing this for their partner and leave realizing they did it for themselves.

I’ve convinced the adamant woman who demands she doesn’t have a sexy bone in her body – to leaving the studio feeling like a divine Goddess. Yes, it is possible.

I will say that there is one rule you must abide by in order to really reap the rewards from my courses.

Don’t take yourself so damn serious 🙂

Sensual dance is fun. It’s your body. They are your curves and you have every right to celebrate that. Don’t know how to do that? Well darling, that’s where I come in…

Watch the video below where I teach you the core elements of learning how to dance sexy and an opportunity to take this course with me in my studio AND the option to take the course online!

In the live video above I covered the 4 basic key elements (HHBB) that I will teach you throughout the 4 week course in addition to an arsenal of moves. HHBB are the filler transitions that make your confidence come to life in your dance. 


-Hair toss/hair flip

-Hip circles


-Booty Up

Over the course of 4 weeks you will learn 4 different dances…

  1. The Vouyer- Learn how to navigate an empty chair while your partner watches
  2. Wall Dance- Bring your partner to the wall, seduce, tempt and tease them
  3. Floor dance- Learn beautiful floor moves that will leave your partner begging for more!
  4. Lap dance with striptease- The grand finale! Navigate your partners lap while incorporating simple striptease techniques


Are you ready to stop giving your partner more “STUFF” for Christmas and give the gift of memories!?? Join me…

This course is currently closed. In the meantime (till it opens again) you can help me by accessing my beta test videos for a NEW program coming August 29th. You can do that when you access my FREE #UnapologeticallySexy Sensual Dance Starter Kit download HERE.  You’ll receive instant access to one of my videos directly from the online course as well as PDF downloads to get you well on your way to sensual dancing on your own.

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