How to do a bench press and WHY you shouldn’t avoid training your chest

The bench press is often thought of as only a man’s exercise.

In fact, I can pretty much guess that most gyms you walk into will have their bench press areas occupied by mainly men.

That’s ok! I totally get it. You’ve been trained by most of the mainstream fitness publications to think that it’s only a man’s exercise.

But, I want you to buckle in and prepare to have your mind blown…

See the image here below?

images-3This image shows you all of the muscles that are utilized when performing the bench press (and this is the same even if you are using dumbbells, or doing push ups, don’t worry!)

  • Anterior deltoid- This is the front shoulder muscle that is gorgeous round and sculpted as a results of doing chest exercise. Hello tank tops!
  • Posterior deltoid- The back of the shoulder that a lot of women like to hide because of “bra fat”. Working this muscle also helps strengthen the upper back, reducing back pain.
  • Triceps- The back of the arm that tends to jiggle when we wave goodbye. It’s a small muscle, but it needs love too.
  • Pectoral muscles- The biggest muscle engaged during chest work. Also helps in relieving upper back pain since you are strengthening the opposing muscle group. 

    Resistance training has helped me carve some killer curves!

    Resistance training has helped me carve some killer curves!

So while the bench press offers some great results that are pleasing to the eye, it is equally important to help with muscle imbalances as well as increasing bone density.

And while I’m at it, can I PUH-LEEEASE debunk the myth that muscle weighs more than fat!??

1 pound of muscle and 1 pound of fat weigh the same = 1 POUND

They just look obscenely different, see the image below. Fat takes up more space than muscle. Muscle is more dense and smooth while fat takes on a more lumpy and bumpy appearance.


So, when you ladies hear me say “pick a weight that challenges you” now you know why! I

t’s not because I’m some masochistic psychopath. 🙂

It’s because I love you and I want you to reap the benefits of training with resistance! 🙂

Resistance training (yes, even some body weighted exercises fall in this category) paired with proper nutrition, helps build lean smooth muscle and get rid of lumpy bumpy fat.

Doesn’t that sound more appealing!? I think so.

HOWEVER, you must enjoy the exercises you do or else it’s not worth it. If you absolutely hate resistance training then you won’t do it, and therefore, you won’t see results.

So, find movement that you will stick to and make it yours. This article is for those who are a bit curious about adding new exercises to their routine and want to learn how. 

And, it’s my mission to show you the way. Plus, you’ll feel a little bit badass in the process.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this quick video that tells you step-by-step how to do a bench press if you’ve never done it before.

The Bench Press

Have you done this before? It’s slowly become my new fave exercise. It’s absolutely empowering to be able to lift heavy things and know your body can be strong and active in your day to day life.

Looking sexy as hell as a result is just a bonus 🙂

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