How to do a cable squat for a tight and firm butt

I finally LOVE my butt (even with the recent addition of a few dimples of cellulite, NBD).

Regardless, my daughter says that I’m obsessed with butt exercises. No joke, I typically work my glutes no less than 3x per week.

I make sure to add a lot of variety and almost always work my glutes to muscle failure AKA massive muscle BURN.

I use a combination of hard core gym weight sessions, body weighted plyometrics and pole dance classes. My studio clients and bikini coaching clients know the exact benefits of all of the programs I put together for them. They’ve had some massive derriere changes as well.

Aimee had massive results with my booty plan :)

Aimee had massive results with my booty plan 🙂

While some women are trying to get rid of their lady lumps, I’m always crafting new ways on getting a good butt burn.

The Gluteus Maximus the largest muscle group on your body. When I tell ladies this they often laugh and say “yeah I know my butt is the largest part of my body.”

But seriously, when I tell you that I went to an absolute flat pancake ass to “baby got back” I am NOT kidding (I’ll dig up those archive photos soon, maybe for a #throwbackthursday 🙂

Because the Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle group in the body, it can afford to be trained more than just the old school theory of “work each muscle group 1x per week”.

It wasn’t until about 3 years ago when I started working my lower body 3-4x per week that I saw MASSIVE improvements in my bootie. 

See the photos below…

Diane figure side shot

No booty muscle. Only working legs/glutes 1x per week

Glute/Leg workouts 3-4x per week

Glute/Leg workouts 3-4x per week

I often get asked for good butt exercises for the gym. I have a plethora of great (effective) leg and glute exercises to share.

But, I don’t want you to think dramatic changes will happen overnight!

Growing muscle in any area takes PPC 🙂




Of course, nutrition plays a big role as well, but effective targeted exercises and a good workout program is SUPER important.

So it’s my mission to empower you should you decide to step into the weight room at the gym.

Today, I’ve created a tutorial on one of my top fave booty exercises, Enjoy!

The Cable Squat

What do you think? Have you been working out your butt lately? What are YOUR favorite exercises?

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