How to do a squat

When working with women in teaching them how to be total badasses in their fitness-ery, the squat is never left out of my arsenal of body sculpting tools.

However, I do notice a big struggle with proper form in doing squats, either body weighted or with weights.

There are common squatting errors that seem to occur and I’m on a mission to correct your squat-ness and take it to a revamped version that will have your booty looking like va va voooooom!

For those of you who’ve been working out for a while, hold on before you give me an eye roll or a snore.

There may be some tidbits in here that you can add to your squatery that will bring your booty to epically awesome proportions. Yes, sometimes all you need is a little tweak to your twerk to make it all come together like Beyonce morphing into Sasha Fierce.

In today’s video I go over one of the exercises you’ll always do in some shape or form in any of my challenges or programs. Yes, even in my pole dance curriculum we are doing squats (that’s why my Goddesses asses be looking so damn finnneeee).

Hopefully this video was helpful for you to get in some effective squats that will:

  1. Help you burn bodyfat
  2. Sculpt lean sexy muscle
  3. Keep your hips and lower body mobile so when you age you can get off the toilet and couch with ease
  4. Be a foundational exercise in your routine

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