How to work out your back muscles (and blast back fat)

I remember when I first started my fat loss journey. I was mostly concerned with what I could see right in front of me in the mirror…tummy, legs and arms. Occasionally I’d spin around and try to catch a glimpse of my rear, but that would be the extent of it.

I would just think “cardio, cardio, cardio will make it better”.


It wasn’t until I started educating myself in weight lifting, working with coaches and ultimately reshaping my entire body, that I realized the importance of exercising my back muscles.

Think about it, your back is comprised of very large muscles. The more than you strengthen them with resistance, the more calories you will burn!

Training bigger muscle groups are completely different than just working out your little muscles like the biceps and triceps (which get a lot of indirect work from back and chest exercises).

I am frequently asked by my clients about how to rid themselves of unsightly back fat. Of course, I will be completely honest with them and let them know that nutrition is absolutely key to shedding fat AND building muscle. So, getting their nutrition on par with fat loss as the goal is my first suggestion.

Exercising those big muscle groups is then the next step. Throw in some metabolic conditioning to blast fat and you are well on your way to revealing a sexy, sculpted back AND body!!

In today’s video, I am showing you one of the KEY exercises that I use when I hit up the gym (or workout in my home gym). If you are weight room shy, make sure to watch this video and give it a try! I know you can do it!!

When you are first starting out, here’s how to implement this key exercise:

Lat Pull Downs-

Pick a weight that feels challenging enough. If you can easily do over 15 reps it’s likely too light.

Perform 10-12 repetitions of this exercise. Rest for about 1 minute, then repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 sets. If you are feeling frisky, increase the weight by 10 pounds before you add more sets.

Have you done lat pull downs before? If so, let me know how often you are doing them in the comments below!

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