I Know I Felt Invisible, Have You?

“Life begins outside your comfort zone”. -Neale Donald Walsch

Here’s a little glance into a conversation that I had with a woman in Austin for a business conference.

She said, “You must be so proud of everything you have accomplished.”

After I thanked her for the compliment I then replied, “Honestly, I haven’t become anything really. I stopped living in fear of taking chances. Over the years it wasn’t what I wanted to experience anymore. I stopped worrying about what everyone else thought of me and in doing that, I allowed myself to be who I really am. I know a huge contributor of that shift has been my evolution through sensual movement”

What I forgot to mention to her is that I feel it’s my duty to pass it forward to other women by way of my story.

Before I started #sensualmovement I was a people pleaser, a “yes” woman, door mat, shy, quiet and invisible. I just wanted to blend in. I was scared of everything. I had no confidence in myself or in my body. I felt like a nobody. I spent more time looking in the mirror and hating my reflection than I’d care to admit.


Facing my fears, allowing myself to be vulnerable and not giving up led me to finally believe in myself. It gave me strength. It allowed me to get out of my head. It created fearlessness in myself that I hope to share with so many more women

People judged me, and they still do I’m sure. But the thing is; now I don’t let that affect me or hold me back. And, you shouldn’t either.

Being who you truly are is ridiculously liberating.

Not whom society, your parents or your peers think you should be.

When I stopped caring about what other people thought of my choices, life became so much fun. I started playing by my rules, not everyone else’s.

This really rings true when it comes to weight loss, sensual movement and living a healthy lifestyle. I have seen and heard so many things from my Goddesses. Most have received push back or resistance at some point from someone in their life.

I’ve seen it from spouses, parents, siblings and worst yet…girlfriends. It just boggles my mind that anyone would be unsupportive of another human being who chooses to take their health and wellness into their own hands.

The moment you become aware that you are in charge of who you want to be, how you want to look and feel, your internal light bulb will go off. When you have that moment, you need to harness that realization and let that positive momentum carry you forward.

If you are holding back from taking charge of your life because you are afraid of what others will think, I hope you take the time to ask yourself why.

In a blink of an eye you can decide that you will let go of those tired excuses and the push back from others. Life is too short to not take initiative to have the body and the life that you want.

I know it seems hard, and sometimes impossible, to get started and ignore the naysayers. But is what’s eating at you mentally is a freeing way to live? I didn’t think so.



Let it happen. Let your greatness shine and go after what YOU want.

If you have held on to any story, excuse or fear right now I want you to take a deep inhale, and with the exhale let that shit go. It’s not yours anyway. It’s a made up story that you are ready to give up.

Be you, be true, go after what you want,

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