Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Be A Stripper?

With my #SensualMovement online program launching in just a few short weeks, it’s incredibly rewarding to see women ready to get on board with foraging new ways of celebrating their bodies and embracing their femininity. Yes, also stepping outside their comfort zone in what will ultimately help them become empowered and confident with practice.

I remember when I first started my pole studio almost a decade ago. Originally I thought I’d be just teaching pole & sensual dancing as another cool way to stay in shape. 

It was insanely fun, my body was always sore after a good pole session and, well, I felt sexy as fuck doing it. How could that be a bad thing?

However, over the years, I realized how cathartic the movement was for women.

What I also wasn’t prepared for was the backlash I’d receive from SO many people. Judgement beyond belief.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard “I would NEVER do that, it’s so inappropriate” or “basically you teach women to be strippers?”

In reality I AM teaching women how to be strippers. Women are becoming the strongest versions of themselves, far more confident in day-to-day life then they’ve ever been.

Stories of women finally chasing their dreams, releasing past traumas, standing up for themselves, finally loving their bodies and walking around with their heads held up quite a bit higher.

They exuded a brilliant confidence. So yeah, I’m teaching them how to be strippers. They are STRIPPING off tons of self-limiting-beliefs type of shit…


Seeing this gives me so much joy. Joy greater than any numerical form of weight loss transformation.

I am not ashamed that I am teaching women how to be strippers. It’s what I’m pretty damn good at.

Strip!??! Yes, strip. I teach women how to be “strippers”.

Strippers of…

-Self doubt and fear

-Insecurities and body hate

-Shame and incessant apologizing for their beauty and strengths

-Societies preconceived notions on how women should act, look and feel

So yes, if that means I teach women how to be strippers…so be it. I’ll gladly take that title now.

I always get a great laugh (in my head, of course) when clients come in and they say “I just want to do it for the workout, NOT the sexy stuff.”

I smile and express understanding of how “dancing sexy” can look scary and intimidating, but in my head I’m thinking this…


Not because I’m a wicked witch (although, some may beg to differ 🙂 BUT, because I know that if I can convince them to come “over to the dark side”, as I like to jokingly refer to it, they will really see transformation in themselves there.

Dancing for exercise is great, don’t get me wrong. It kicks major ASS and ladies have lost TONS of weight and inches adhering to it as their form of exercise. 

But, honestly, transformation on the outside without transformation on the inside is useless.

Admittedly, some women will try our sensual dance classes and they are reluctant to continue.

I always ask “why?”

The most frequent answer I get is “I feel awkward” or “I just can’t be sexy”.

I usually tell them they need to give it at LEAST the “3 try rule”. Everything new can pose a challenge in the beginning.

Remember the first time you tried to type on a keyboard? Or your first day on a new job? How about the first time you went on a date?

Nervous. Awkward. Challenging. Scary. Intimidated. Confused.

Any of those feelings come to mind?

But you keep going, don’t give up, and eventually you find your stride and it becomes…easy.

Sensual movement is NO different.

So I encourage you to take the leap into trying something you’ve been holding back from. It may not be sensual dancing (although it’s pretty effin’ amazing) but whatever it is that’s pulling at you.

You know what it is. 

You are much more resilient than you think. The only one that knows what’s best for you is YOU.

Listen to that little voice of intuition and grab life by the horns. You got this, Goddess.

I dance sexy for ME and teach my Goddesses to strive for complete bliss in their bodies and to be “strippers”.

Like what you’ve read? Think it would be cool to do something completely out of the box to get out of a body shaming rut? How about skyrocketing your confidence? I think you are ready!

I will teach you how to feel sexy and confident in your body NOW.

Download my FREE Sensual Dance Starter Kit and join the movement.

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