Interview With Fat Loss Expert Chrissy King

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chrissy King, Certified Personal Trainer, lifestyle coach and fitness blogger over at 

Along with creating her “Fat Loss Tool Kit” (a great guide you need to go download!), Chrissy is a fat loss expert who has not only had her own personal transformation having lost over 30 pounds, she works with clients from athletes to overweight/obese clients to just the average person who wants to lose 10-20 lbs.

She is truly a brilliant badass, a leader in the fitness and wellness field and understands the challenges we face in achieving fat loss.

I am excited to share Chrissy’s story and expertise with you today–we talk about exercise, nutrition,  and how to make fat loss a lifestyle rather than a “quick fix.” Make sure to go grab her Fat Loss Toolkit HERE.

Make sure to go check out her awesome Instagram @Iamchrissyking and on Facebook HERE

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