Is Your Coffee Habit Making You Fat?

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Let me apologize first for not doing a blog post in a loooong while. I LOVE writing and creating great content for you guys and, well, life has just been a little crazy.  Good crazy, but crazy nonetheless.

As many of you know who have started the recent round of Goddess Body University, I’ve been super focused on packing the membership site with so much great content so that you are successful. This means that I’ve been shooting tons of videos, creating new content and coaching within the private group forum.

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Now, let’s talk about that good stuff…

Is your coffee habit making you fat??

I received an e-mail over the weekend from a gal named Valerie with the title that said “I’m addicted, help!” What Valerie wrote about is something that comes up frequently when my clients first start any new program.

Hi Diane,

I bought your Goddess Body University Nutrition Program at the start of the New Year. I’m a mom of 2, sit at a desk all day long and, as you can imagine, my health has been on the back burner. For 7 years, this lifestyle has lead to a massive muffin top and exhaustion like you wouldn’t believe.

I was relieved when I bought the program to see that you didn’t restrict me from enjoying my (probably excessive) coffee habit. But what WAS challenging was accepting the fact that I was drinking it more for the sugary taste and creamer than for the coffee itself.

I instantly became more aware of how much excess calories I was pouring in my coffee at home, and to then turn around and drink more on my breaks and lunch time at work (you know, the good ol’ Starbucks run). Starting your program made me instantly aware of how much I was relying on coffee AND how quickly the fat and calories were adding up from my addictive habit.

Do you have any hints, tips, suggestions on making my coffee at home enjoyable without dumping all the creamer in it? I just can’t drink it black. Also, any tips on not caving into the Starbucks trap during the mid day?

Thanks again, your program has changed the way I think about food!


Let’s talk about how you can clean up your cup of Joe.

We will also discuss how we can make it a fabulous morning ritual that will not add to the muffin top.

First- Are you drinking coffee for the caffeine, or do you just really enjoy the taste and flavor of coffee? Some of us are so engrained with this daily ritual that it’s just that, a ritual and habit we do every morning.


In the video, I talk about how I’ve personally detoxed from caffeine and it feels fabulous. Sure, it was rough the first couple of weeks (some headaches and feeling S-L-O-W as a snail) but eventually my body caught up and I’m just fine!

I realized that I have been drinking coffee because I love the morning ritual. I come downstairs, grind my coffee beans, boil my water and enjoy chatting with my son while my almond milk heats up in my milk frother. The flavors are intense and I really enjoy the experience and flavor of having a cup of coffee.

There are so many studies that show positive and negative benefits of caffeine. The research that I’ve read sits well with what I’ve seen over the years, not only with myself, but with my clients.

For simplicity sake, caffeine comes in and shocks your body for a brief moment. Then it’s effects wear off, thus leading to erratic highs and lows of your energy level.

This will explain why you feel like you need that Starbucks caffeine jolt midday. Oftentimes, when your energy dips down from a caffeine high, you will get tired and ultimately your brain will try to also signal you for food. So, you grab the nearest sugary item that will give you another jolt of energy.

And such is this roller coaster of caffeine.

The mistakes I see people make are the following:

  • Thinking they HAVE to give up their coffee when they start a new program
  • Trying to go cold turkey with caffeine, creamer and sugar
  • Mindlessly pouring cream, creamers and/or sugar into their coffee
  • Only giving it 1 chance to make some swap outs, then going back to their Muffin-top-mochachinno-madness

So, if this is you, or has been you in the past I want you to consider making a new habit change around your precious coffee. Notice I didn’t say GIVE UP your coffee, just make some adjustments.

You may have been drinking coffee the same way for YEARS. Your system is used to the roller coaster of added stimulus (caffeine) and so it will take some time to adjust and give your body a break.

Your tastebuds are also accustomed to the flavors you’ve been using for years.

Tips for making the switch:

  • When switching to decaf, do half-caf. Which means, buy some decaf coffee and brew up have of the caffeinated stuff and half of the decaf. Drink it this way for a week, then gradually use less caffeinated coffee until you completely make the switch. I did NOT do this, hence why I had headaches for a couple weeks. Learn from my mistake!
  • Use the same approach with your creamer. Do half the amount of creamer and half almond or coconut milk until your tastebuds adjust
  • You guessed it, the same applies for swapping out the sugar with Stevia. Especially if you’ve never had Stevia before. It takes some time getting used to the flavor as it’s MUCH sweeter than sugar. Use is sparingly until you can completely OMIT the sugar. The sooner you can do this, the better! The effects of sugar are terrible.


The benefits of switching to decaf, almond milk and stevia:

  • Less anxious and irritability feeling
  • Lower calorie beverages consistently (because I know ya’ll drink coffee daily) will lead to weight loss
  • Better sleep and improved mood
  • More energy! YES, this is true!! Caffeine is robbing your body’s natural ability to create it’s only energy. Cutting it out from external sources will mean your body will work right!
  • Less mindless snacking due to low energy
  • Omitting sugar will keep your belly fat away along with 10000% other positive benefits!

This doesn’t mean you can’t EVER have caffeine again, but it will bring you more awareness to how you feel when you consume it. You’ll need it less often and you won’t need to add a ton of crap to it for it to taste good!

If you really want to see changes in your body on the outside, you have to be aware of what you are putting on the inside!

The more that you can create little changes, you will get to know your body so well. You will realize that so many of the things that you are doing out of habit are not serving you to your highest potential.

Gina L. has lost over 20 pounds with the Goddess Body University Nutrition Program by making small and gradual changes just like these!

The tools I give you are not rocket science, overly strict or confusing. I hate calorie counting, point systems and eating frozen diet foods. I wouldn’t ask you to do that to yourself because, frankly, it sucks and it’s not realistic by any means.

It’s important to understand what food does to your body, how you are feeling and what small daily things you can change that will have a great impact over the long run.

‘Cause, let’s face it, strict programs with crazy expectations that don’t allow for life to happen, are so old news. I get excited for women to understand that they don’t have to starve themselves and be miserable to look and feel like a Goddess 🙂

I’ll see you soon…be sure to check out my clean eating system Goddess Body University Nutrition Program.

Oh, and before I forget, here are a few of the MUST HAVE awesome items that I discussed in the video above:

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