It’s that time…Transformation story time!

It’s that time…Transformation story time!


You know I love bragging about my lovely ladies. Plus I know how it motivates you to get your booty in gear! I have, yet another, Transformation Goddess for you 🙂


Meet Jessica Cowley! A 28 year old, wife, and busy baker who started with us in the studio last year then had to move out of town for her job. We were oh-so-sad to see her smiley face go BUT she was determined to stay a part of Venus no matter what.


And that she did! She completed one of our transformation sessions ONLINE! Yes, all online. She took the tools in the program, did our online workouts, followed the clean eating principles and met her goals. She has decided to do another online session to take her results to the next level.
I’ve very proud of Jessica. It isn’t the easiest thing to embark on lifestyle changes and she took the challenge head on. She stayed the course and didn’t give up.


See the photos below for yourself…
I hope these stories and photos are inspiring you to take action in your own life. Get healthier by adding some exercise and whole nutritious foods in your life at any chance you can.
If you aren’t in the area or maybe have a hectic schedule and want to do what you can to get in the best shape of your life, consider our online coaching program. I work with a limited amount of online Goddesses so that they get good quality and EFFECTIVE programs. Email me here for more info!
With little to no equipment, exclusive exercise videos you can do in the privacy of your own home, accountability, an easy to follow nutrition and clean eating plan you will be well on your way to success!


Keeping you Fit, Sexy and Confident,

Diane Flores

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