January Jumpstart Challenge Program Materials Download

Ladies!!! I’m stoked to have you on board for this New Year January Jumpstart Challenge of 2018!!

Make sure to bookmark this page so that you can return to it as needed for any of the documents related to your program.

Hopefully you will fall in love with our different workouts and how they change your body, relieve stress and make you feel stronger.

I’m not going to lie, if you haven’t worked out in a while, our workouts can be tough. But, that does NOT mean you stop coming.

Your first bootcamp class may leave you feeling lightheaded, nauseous and shaky if you push too hard right away. Us coaches will be motivating the class to push past their comfort zones, BUT I want YOU to take it easy, k?

When you are there, I don’t want you to worry about exercises that you couldn’t do, or had to quit because they were too challenging. Not a single woman in MY studio is judging you.

Because guess what?

Every woman started RIGHT where you did…the beginning! Instead of leaving feeling defeated, I want you to leave thinking “wow, I’m proud of how much I got done”.

Can you do that for me?

Ok, cool beans. Moving on…

Step 1- If it isn’t scheduled, it doesn’t exist. Go schedule now!

What you need to do: go here and RSVP for all the classes you plan to attend.

Please don’t just show up. Us coaches like to strategize our torture, ahem…I mean our workouts :), based on our class roster. Annnd, we don’t want too many bodies in the class so that you can have our undivided attention.

Pull out your personal calendar and pencil your workouts like real appointments. Your goal is to do as many workouts over the course of 14 days. YES, this may seem like a lot for some of you. That’s why this is a challenge! If you feel like you need a break, that’s ok! ALWAYS- Listen to your body.

For the workouts- Please wear good supportive workout clothes that are breathable, good tennis shoes, and a hand towel for sweat drops in case you start to sparkle and shine. Which you will 🙂

For the sensual dance- Barefeet and yoga pants are totally fine! Don’t overthink this. Have fun!


Step 2- Your Food!

Next, let’s talk nutrition. Remember, this is not a ‘DIET’. But, the food that you eat are going to GREATLY determine your success with this mini-session (and future results).

I will be sending you daily e-mails talking about other nutrition strategies but this meal plan serves as a sample of what clean-ish eating looks like. I don’t adhere to any specific type of “diet” but a more balanced and realistic approach that is simple and effective. Even if you only manage to swap out some simple items you will notice results with time. I will dive deeper in your daily emails so make sure to really read those!

There is a lot of stuff on the sample meal plan that you may, or may not, have tried before. I want you to keep an open mind and promise to give it at LEAST 3 attempts with a new food before you determine you don’t like it. You may need to change up some seasonings or method of cooking, but I promise these are the same foods that I personally eat and enjoy, as well as my family and thousands of women I’ve had come through the studio.

Pleeeeeaze do not get into overwhelm with the choices. Pick a few things that look/sound tasty and experiment with eating them for a few days before you venture off to a new recipe.

Oh, and you will notice UMP (protein powder) in the meal plan. We order it through the studio (chocolate, vanilla, Rocky Road and cookies n cream) but it goes very, very fast.

If you would like to secure a tub, it’s around $55 (tax included) but worth every cent. E-mail Malina at malina@venuspolefitness.com OR tag her in the Facebook group ASAP and tell her what flavor you’d like. It is hands down, by far, the BEST tasting and high quality whey/casein blend protein you will find. You can bake all of the recipes with it and they come out tasting great and not like cardboard.

If you bake with any other protein, I can’t guarantee that my delicious recipes will be any good. 😉

Click on each item to download your nutrition tools below…

January Jumpstart Meal Plan

January Jumpstart Grocery List

Call Me Skinny, Kale Chips

Goddess Body Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

Egg Bite Muffins

Muddier Mud Run Muffins

BONUS recipeBBQ Ranch Chicken BAS

PMS Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins

Brown Bag Popcorn

Step 3- Want to make this fun??? It’s also a challenge!

You will have the opportunity to win your registration fees back OR, if you are a current VIP client, you can win a free month of your membership dues. I’ll also have some other cool prizes for 2nd and 3rd place winners.


  1. Print out the challenge board HERE
  2. How to participate/posting instructions:
  3. Post each challenge item in the private Facebook coaching VIP group 
  4. Each post MUST be accompanied with a photo
  5. Each post must include the hashtag #JJ or #JanuaryJumpstart somewhere in the description
  6. You’ve got to turn in your challenge sheet at the end with your name on it, cross off all items completed so I can verify via Facebook posts. You can private message me a screen shot 🙂
  7. I’ve got to have at LEAST 8 girls committed to participating to award prizes, so motivate your fellow Goddess to do the work!

Step 4- Access your video workouts if you need to exercise at home

Go HERE to my online membership portal and create a log in with username and password

Find the “14 Day January Jumpstart Challenge!”

Go to “Buy Product” and click “I have a coupon code” enter in the coupon code: JanuaryJumpstart so that you have instant access since you’ve already purchased (Do NOT go through Paypal and purchase!) and click “register product”. Now you can see all of your program materials there as well as at-home workout videos.

Ok, phew! I think that is it! Now, I’m sure you are going to have some questions. Make sure that you direct all questions inside of the private Facebook Group HERE. This is the optimal way to get answers and also provide education for everyone else in the group who may have the same question!

Remember, NO question is a dumb one! You can’t struggle in silence, so make sure to tag me when you post your question.

I’m looking forward to helping you jumpstart your fitness, food and FUN goals for 2018!!

How I want you to measure success:

-You exercised more than you did previously (and continue to do so AFTER the challenge!)

-You have altered your nutrition in some way for the better than before

-You’ve gotten stronger, more toned and feel energized.

-You are sleeping better and handling stress like a relaxed Goddess

-Your cravings and desire for crap food has diminished

-Your clothes fit looser and you notice changes in your body

Notice that I DIDN’T say “you lost xyx pounds”. Because the scale isn’t the best way to measure success. Still need some reassurance? Go watch my video here.

Remember, the program works if you implement it. It’s only 14 days to get you back on track and then you keep up your new habits as best as you can afterwards!


Coach D

PS- I love you! 🙂

I’ve also included a BONUS video below.

This video is from an online nutrition workshop that I did with a great friend of mine Jeni Barcelos that was very informative in where I explain the 4 Keys to Sustainable Fat loss.

It’s lengthy but chock full of valuable information.

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