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I bet you are sick and tired of starting over again every New Year right? Well, I don’t blame you. I know that during the holidays we get side tracked by holiday parties, peppermint bark and spiked egg nog.

I talk to women every day who admit they are not looking forward to making New Years Resolutions because they admittedly fail after a few short weeks. I know this all too well because I’ve been a victim of continued failed resolutions myself.

What I’ve found is setting a foundation of basic habits will keep you on track and focused well after January has passed.

January Jumpstart may not be the answer for you, it’s definitely not for everyone. However, I’m excited to share more with you below in hopes that you can decide for yourself if you want to join this crazy, flirty, fitness familia at Venus…


January Jumpstart is our signature 14 day mind, body and soul reset at Venus Pole Fitness and Goddess Body Bootcamp in Modesto. I created January Jumpstart because I wanted to help women learn the basics of health, exercise and self-care.

Here’s what my team and I want to help you achieve in 14 days…

  • Re-focus and Re-energize:  Get back to consistency with an essential foundation in your exercise and nutrition routine.
  • Simplistic Workouts: Through our carefully designed bootcamp programming we will take you through cardio, strength, full body, abs and booty workouts. Trust me, they will be challenging. 
  • Flirty Fitness: You can finally do that thing you’ve been wanting to do. Pole dancing! We will guide you through our beginner (or int/adv if you are a returning Goddess) classes and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.
  • Nutrition/Meal Plans/Recipes: Meal plan guide, grocery list, accompanying recipes to help you solidify all of the foundations for success.
  • I’ll provide everything you need via e-mail! You can expect an e-mail on Friday January 12th. This will give you the exact instructions you need to dive in and start your 14 Day Challenge fresh on Monday, January 15th. 
  • Appropriate for ALL fitness levels: Modifications and proper form are taught by our coaches. Specific questions regarding injuries? Contact us here.
  • Private Facebook Coaching Group- You’ll check in daily in to stay accountable, get support and motivation! 

And most importantly, we do this all in a way that’s so fun you won’t know how much work you’re doing. (Hence coaches & instructors singing, using silly accents, and various other VPF shenanigans including, but not limited to, random acts of twerking.)

We’ve continually improved our process and approach over time, leading to better, faster, and more consistent results.

These are just a few of our beautiful Goddess who have undergone transformations at Venus, oftentimes starting with our 14 Day Jumpstart.

Again, January Jumpstart isn’t for everyone.  JJ works best when you are ready to go all-in and create some SERIOUS CHANGE.




If you really want the most out of your January Jumpstart experience, it requires a serious commitment for 14 days. This is no “quick fix” but more a jumpstart in setting up your foundation for continued success. The good news is we’ve got you covered with all the following:

When does January Jumpstart begin?

You will start your classes on Monday January 15th and we end on Sunday, January 28th

What’s included in the January Jumpstart Program at Venus Pole Fitness & Goddess Body Bootcamp: 

  • Unlimited fat burning, muscle sculpting bootcamp workouts 
  • Unlimited Pole Dance Classes (tons of variety from utmost beginner to Int/Adv classes)
  • Online videos for at-home workouts should you have to miss a day
  • January Jumpstart “Lean in 2018” meal plan guide, recipes and grocery list
  • Daily educational coaching e-mails for nutrition, exercise and motivation
  • An online community! Get to know your fellow Jumpstart Goddesses through a private Facebook group
  • Optional contest- Winner gets their money back based on challenge participation points!
  • Flexible scheduling – schedule your classes to suit your availability. Tons of times to choose from
  • Special discounts to enroll in our 6 week #FierceAF program starting Jan 29th


2 payments of $70 

*First non-refundable payment is due on sign up, second payment due Friday, Jan 19th and will be charged via the credit card on file.

Again, January Jumpstart isn’t for everyone. This will work best when you are ready to go all-in and set the foundation to create some SERIOUS CHANGE.

In addition to the classes, Goddesses get serious about nutrition and their mindset, they read my daily educational coaching emails, and they often make a commitment to fully participate. In short… they work their ass off!

Remember, there are no shortcuts here – just smart exercise and nutrition executed consistently with the support of a like-minded community. That’s what I want January Jumpstart to do for you.

Lastly, if you are on the fence I am more than happy to help you decide if this is the right fit for you. You can either e-mail me directly (I promise I’ll answer), call the Goddess line at 209-529-7653 or stop by in the evenings after 5pm at the Goddess Lair at 660 Bitritto Ct, Modesto.

Your success is my MISSION and I want you to live a life where you feel fit, sexy and confident.

I see greatness in you!



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